Great art gifts for older children

If you have an art mad older child, there are some wonderful presents you can buy them for birthdays and Christmas. An older child, by which we mean over 10 years old, can attempt to use almost any medium, and it is seldom too early to start them experimenting with new mediums. It’s a good idea to encourage children to experiment as widely as possible, with all types of creative mediums, so here we look at some of the great artist gifts you may like to consider for an older child.

DVD magic

There are some skills that are simply a joy to observe in action and creating artistic works is one of them. The artist’s DVD is a growing market and even those without a particular interest in art become engrossed as the process unfolds. There is a wide range of mediums featured in artists DVDs, many of which are filmed on location abroad, or in the UK. There is something mesmerising about watching a real professional at work, and seeing how they work. Older children, from early teens, may well find a DVD a great inspiration, and pick up a few tips along the way. You can find highly-regarded Royal Academy artists producing DVDs now, such as Ken Howard and Fred Cuming. Look out for Jean Haines and Shirley Trevena, and Peter Wileman.

Drawing gifts

For the child who is hooked on drawing there is a wide choice. You may like to opt for a traditional wooden box set of coloured pencils, which make a great gift. There is a Winsor and Newton drawing set, which would encourage a child and is very reasonably priced. You might like to think outside of the box, however, and buy a smart folder for the child’s work, some calligraphy pens, or simply some beautiful new acrylic pens. For children who like to draw people, why not look for a model with moveable limbs for them to work from. Oil painting gifts Oil painting can be an expensive hobby, and this can put parents off buying set for the children. But prices of oil painting sets have come down considerably thanks to a competitive market. You can pick up a simple set of oil paints for £20 upwards from leading manufacturers. There are sets available specifically for children, but older ones may prefer an adult looking gift. Look out for Winsor and Newton again for low cost sets, which come with palettes, brushes and canvas included. You can find a range of sets at More inspiration There is a wide range of accessories to choose from if the child is a keen artist already. Paintbrushes, sketchbooks, easels, and canvases never go to waste. You just can’t have too many! But why not give a gift that enables a budding artist to try something completely different? Textile and silk painting, acrylics, pastels, printmaking, glass painting and marbling are all hugely enjoyable for the young artist. What about a set of Chinese paintbrushes in a beautiful fan shaped box? Anything a bit different can fire a child’s imagination. They may discover that they have a hidden talent, and will find a whole new direction to go in.

Can you calculate the cost of Love?

Hello Moneysavers!  I’ve just come across this infographic and I’d love to get your thoughts on it.

How much do you spend on your loved one?  Is it ever a consideration for a single person?  Should it be?

PrintFull credit for the infographic to Luma 🙂

Advantage Gambling Play Returns – January 2014

January Returns:

Betfair NBA 6.45
Betfair NBA 7.76
Betfair Ref 33.42
Titan mobile ref 6.62
Titan bet tennis 4.56
Winner ref 4.99
Youwin reload 20.09
Youwin tennis 6.61
Comeon reload 12.93
Comeon reload 8.30
Comeon reload 8.50
Comeon reload 7.44
Comeon reload 8.18
Tomwaterhouse 2.04
Portlandbet E/O 25.86
Coral NFL inplay 2.01
Betbright reload 36.01
Betbright reload 21.25
Betfred DD 174
Betfred e/o 15.40
Betfirst NBA 5.20
Betfirst mobile/tennis 14.46
Racebets BTT 10
Expekt reload 12.59
Ladbrokes BTTS 111.52
138Sun 10×7 11.59
Betbutler fa cup 7.38
Betbutler fa cup 6.19
(misc losses 162.66)

Betfirst 36.14

Superbook 115
Belmont 57
Sportsbetting 143
Betonline 175

Sky 13.25
Coral 141
Coral mini 47.20
WillHill 74.70
Totesport DOND 5.78
FBP/V misc 65.60
Winner games/CC 7.09
Bet365 bingo slots 106.46
188bet (50)
(misc losses 80.91)

Total: 1,284.94

My poorest month since late 2012. A combination of lack of time, lack of accounts and some new year inertia causing some problems with boredom and frustration. I am hopeful it will pass quickly and I can get stuck into 2014.

February brings The Superbowl and return to spring training for baseball which I always look forward to.