New To Online Bingo? Make Sure You Read My Beginner’s Guide!

It’s no secret that the popularity of online bingo is increasing! There is a plethora of bingo sites that you can play on, not to mention the option to use your mobile device. As you are reading this blog post, I will assume that you have a basic knowledge of the game of bingo.

I will also work on the basis that you’ve played a few bingo games offline, as it were, in the past. To be honest, the game itself isn’t that different to the ones you play face to face. Many online bingo players prefer the Internet version because it’s more fun. It’s also more convenient too, because you can play online bingo wherever you are in the world.


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Why online bingo?

There is perhaps a small part of you that is wondering if playing the online version of the game is right for you. The decision should be one made by you and not someone else. If you feel more comfortable playing offline bingo, stick with that.

But, what if you lead a busy lifestyle and seldom have enough free time to visit your local bingo hall? Well, if that’s the case, online bingo is a better choice for your needs. As I mentioned a moment ago, online bingo can get played anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection and some way of getting online.

The obvious choice is to use a desktop PC or laptop, or a Mac computer. To be honest, it doesn’t matter what operating system your system uses.

Online bingo gets played in a Web browser, so you don’t need to download any software to get started.


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Of course, there are some folks that prefer the versatility that smartphones offer. As you can imagine, playing the game in the mobile version of Chrome or Safari might be challenging. That’s because of the obvious screen size difference.

The good news is that there are many bingo apps for smartphones you can download. They’re dedicated apps that don’t need you to use your mobile Web browser. They also offer more interactivity. Some even let you play offline, against the computer rather than other human players.

It’s clear from the paragraphs above that online bingo is more convenient and flexible.

What about security?

There’s no denying that there’s always a risk where money gets involved with something. If you win a lot of cash at your local bingo hall, there’s the risk you might get robbed of your winnings.

Some folks assume that online transactions aren’t safe. But, that’s just a myth. I’ve played on plenty of online bingo sites, and they’re safe as houses, so to speak! They use the highest levels of security on their websites.


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For instance, SSL technology encrypts data sent and received between you and the website. You can tell a site is secure because the address begins with “https://”. There’s usually a padlock symbol near the website address bar in your browser.

Dedicated smartphone apps also use encryption between devices and servers. So, what does that all mean in plain English? Well, it’s simple; no-one can snoop on data sent over the Internet from the bingo site or app you are using. Details like passwords, card numbers and so forth are “jumbled up” in transmission.

They use bank-grade security, and so it can take a hacker thousands of years to try and decrypt your data. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never met anyone that old! So, your transactions are safe and secure.

Promotions and bonuses

When you first look at an online bingo site, or download an app, there’s one thing you will notice. New users usually have the chance to enjoy a signup promotion or bonus.

There are many ways that providers try to entice you to spend your money with them. They usually involve giving you some free cash in some way. For instance, you could get a 200% deposit bonus if you spend a certain amount of money with the service.

Or you could get a nominal free bingo ticket. As you’re starting out with online bingo, it’s worth taking advantage of such offers. One thing some online bingo players do is sign up to several providers. That way, they will always get something for free.

Sometimes you might get promotions and bonuses because you haven’t used a provider in a while. Many online bingo services do that because they want you to come back and spend money with them, of course!

As you can see, the case for signing up to several providers is a good one.


Online bingo service providers businesses at the end of the day. As you can appreciate, some websites and app providers have better reputations than others.

Before you sign up with a particular vendor, it’s worth finding out what their reputation is like. For example, a well-known one that advertises on prime time TV will have a high reputation. Whereas unknown foreign providers may be questionable.

Research is essential to choosing the right bingo service providers for you. It’s simple to do using Google. Just type in the name of the site or app developer, followed by the word “review” or “reputation.” That way, you can gauge their reputation from other users.

It’s crucial that you only sign up to sites that have a good reputation. What happens if you win a bingo game, and the provider doesn’t want to pay you any winnings? All bingo service providers must stick to a legal code of conduct. Their site should tell you who they’re registered with. That way, you can go ahead and check their credentials.


Last, but not least, you should stick with online bingo providers that offer support. If things go wrong, you want to know that help is at hand.

For example, you might have issues depositing money into your account. Or details of your winnings might not have updated for some reason. Whatever the problem, you need to know that help is at hand if you need it.

Thanks for reading today’s blog post. See you soon!

Five Ways To Gamble Effectively


The question I get asked the most when I tell people my profession is, how do you gamble for a living? Gambling has a huge amount of stigma because the losses far outweigh the gains in some circumstances. For every person who wins big in Las Vegas, there is a guy who loses everything down their local bookies. Obviously, it is scary to a lot of people, but not if you gamble properly and take the necessary precautions. Here are a few things I like to do to maximise my earnings.

Setting a budget is essential. A lot of professional gamblers might tell you that they like to work on instinct, but I am not one of them. My whole motto is why gamble when you can win and you can’t win if you go chasing the money every time you lose. You have to know when to walk away. Otherwise, you are not a professional; you are addicted. Set an amount that you are comfortable with and stick to it as much as you can.



Knowledge and research go a long way when it comes to a flutter. Regardless of what you like to gamble on, if you want to win you have to treat it like a science rather than what you fancy. You might win once or twice by trusting your gut, but over the long term stats and data will by your trusty friend. Have areas in the industry that you know inside out and use your encyclopaedic knowledge to help you hit the jackpot.

Although your budget may be strict, the games you play should be varied and flexible. Yes, you need to have a certain amount of knowledge to enhance your chances of winning big. But, you shouldn’t be afraid to act on a tip if you get it from a source you know and trust. For example, the Grand National or the World Cup are major sporting events that you might not know too much about, but if a peer who does passes on a bit of knowledge use it wisely.

Knowing your options is what makes the difference between a professional and an amateur. A professional can take advantage of any sporting arena and make money from it because they know when best to put money on it and stay away. For example, the statistics show that you are better off playing the Irish Lotto than the British version. There is ten percent more chance of winning and the prizes are just as big. Even if the percentages are minute, it still pays to know them because they can make the difference.

Like anything in life, practise makes perfect. Gambling is no different and there are ways to practise without spending a fortune. Whatever you like to play, there are always free versions available that you can try before you have to put any money down.

Gambling isn’t as immoral as people make it out. By following tips like the ones above, I am continuing to make a career out of it.


4 Unusual Online Hobbies For 2015

We all have New Year’s resolutions. We either decide to become better people, or we choose to take up a hobby. If you are already perfection, it may be time to consider your hobbies. Hobbies are the best way to spend some downtime. After a long week of work and family commitments, you want to have some “you” time. Sometimes, we don’t even want to leave the house. If this sounds all too familiar, you need to start looking at online hobbies that you can take up.

When it comes to the online world, it truly is your oyster. You don’t have to worry about leaving the comfort of your home either.

Online Gaming

The online world is packed to the rafters with unusual games. Whether you like big blockbuster games with massive effects and heaps of appeal or prefer indie games, there is something for everyone. Amidst the vast array of online games, classics like solitaire remain ever-popular, offering a solitary yet engaging experience for players seeking a break from the multiplayer realm. The online community of games allows you to collaborate and talk with other people. They can help you out with difficult parts of your current game. Likewise, you can help them out too. When it comes to the online world, the gaming community is the most welcoming. It’s a great way to spend your downtime.

Online Betting

Online betting is one of the most fun ways to pass the time. Whether you are into poker or bingo, there is something for you when it comes to the online world of betting. NJ Online Poker allows you to play online with friends or strangers, so you don’t have to get the boys round and play host all evening. While this is not the most unusual way to spend time, it is an excellent online hobby to have. You don’t have to be a betting pro either. The world of online betting is relatively easy to master. What’s more, you don’t have to practice your strategic betting face when you’re in the online world either.


Creating Your Own App

If you are something of a tech nerd and you want to make a big impact on the world of tech, why not check out ways to create your own app? Think about things that you would like to see within an app and get creative. There are some genius how-to guides online to help you with the process. You don’t have to live and breathe in Silicon Valley to become the next big thing. Check out online resources such as AppMakr to get you started.


Yes, sports. You don’t have to go outside to enjoy sports. There is a wealth of online sporting hobbies that you can take up. Horse racing is one of the more popular sports that you can seek out from the comfort of your favourite armchair. You can even seek out online tips and hints so that you don’t have to go into this as a complete novice. There are some excellent forums online entirely dedicated to the world of online sports. With such a vast online community, it’s a great way to meet new friends.

Advantage Gambling Play Returns – September 2014

September returns:

Betbright misc 131.17
Coral misc 15.49
Racebets BTT 7.73
Titan misc 22.37
Portland 21
PB/GB SOTD 21.86
Bet365 4/1 48.86
Betfred boosts shop 299.81
Ladbrokes shop 44.19
188bet 14.55
Dafa misc 52.88
WilliamHill shop 17.60
Bwin reload 9.58
Geoff-banks misc 48.73
Comeon ref 6.77
Betfirst ref 5.14
32Red fs 2.02 4.52
Betsafe ref 7.46
Misc losses (39.05)

Sportsbetting 449

Winner 9.90
WilliamHill 37.54
Bet365 (5.90)
Betfair SOTW (18.54)
Betfair fs 2.80
Misc losses (25.67)

Total £1,191.81

YTD: £16,823.39
MTH AVE: £1,869.27

A pretty poor month, including making 13p from Casino offers. The impending changes to UK legislation have had some effect and I have tried not to leave too much exposed offshore at this time.

Limited accounts are starting to restrict my options but hopefully there will be plenty of opportunities in the forthcoming months to keep things ticking over.

Advantage Gambling Play Returns – August 2014

32red 26.03
32red fs 13.80
Bet365 4/1 72.32
Betsafe live 85.21
Winner mobile 3.27
Bwin 8.38
Coral USPGA 7.84
Coral boost 150.45-includes 100 from an inadvertent mug on red card Arsenal v Palace, when I took what I presumed was an arb, and left it when it was way off the lay price.
Betfred boost 218.79
Betin 20.66
Jennings Mcilroy 17
666bet CS 3.16
Titanbet misc 14.89
Portlandbet 34.46
Smarkets 5
Dafabet 23.78
Dafabet ref 15.86
Dafabet City 27.61
Dafabet Villa 22.36-refund outstanding
PB/GB Boosts 15.32
Unibet double 13.17
Unibet IT 55.73
Superlenny treble 4.68
Racebets sec 18.15
Racebets BTT 17.12
Racebets twitter 7.95
Betfirst ref if lose 5.27
Betstar reload 110.18
188bet horse 7.89
Moneybookers cb 20.71
Totesport tennis 3.36
Betfair ref 26.4
Expekt ref if 18.20
Misc losses (48.13)

Sportsbetting 409
Betonline 258

WilliamHill 156.17
Coral hulk 12.95
Betfair 18.63
Bet365 32.05
Skyvegas 2.92
misc losses (44.59)

Total £1,892

YTD: £15,631.58
MTH AVE: £1,953.95

A decent month helped by some reloads offshore and sportsbook bonuses with the return of football. Interestingly my Lotus is away for a service and the cost is likely to be in excess of I won’t be seeing much return on my efforts this month.

Still onto September and despite ever decreasing books still plenty to go at. The landscape may begin to change with new legislation coming into force and as always consider risk v reward when playing offshore.