Advantage Gambling Play Returns – September 2013

September returns:

BetVernons ref if sec 104.04
Totesport ref 45.69
Betbright reload 19.04
Betbright reload 20.63
WillHill ref if sec 51.35
Betfair US Open pre bonus 25
Betfair 25% 33.22
Betfair 25% 19.43
Betfair RAF 25
Ladbrokes OOC 85.98
Coral in play 5.59
Coral in play 8.17
Coral crew cut 3.99
Coral NFL 1.97
Betbutler St Leger 15.79
Betbutler LC 8.15
Betbutler draw 8
Bet365 4/1 49.82
Racebets BTT 10
Canbet reloads 760.71
Moneybookers cb 168
188bet UCL 4.85
188bet mobile 6.60
138Sun Rooney 21.40
Circlebet NFL reload 60.08
Tomwaterhouse ref 20.53
Hititbet reload 37.20
Setanta kun 18.02
Youwin live 5.74
Unibet reload 24.64
Arbs/Sharbs e/o 193.36
Misc losses ‘if’ offers etc (316.85)

Winkingbet 4.56

Sportsbetting 670.20
Betonline 476.87
SBG 4.50
Belmont 85.46
Sportsbook 121.50

SkyVegas 8.89
Betfair arc 15.50
Betfair exch 73.52
Bet365 Gr8 56.76
WillHill misc 119.20
Gala 48.05
Gros RR 16.06
Vernons misc 10.50
Totesport mono 11.70
Coral games 16.50
188bet (50)
Misc losses (28.45)

Total: £3,206.46
YTD: £21,727.01
MTH AVE: £2,414.11

Another strong month helped by good returns from offshore books and Canbet reloads. I did take a day’s leave anticipating another reload for the weekend that I could hit against offshore books on MLB before the regular baseball season ended but alas I was not invited..

Onto October and things are likely to take a down turn with MLB coming to an end and ever more books no longer requiring my business

As a reminder offshore books are risky so always balance risk v reward.


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