How to get the cheapest MOT Tests in the UK

Every car owner in the United Kingdom needs to do a MOT (Ministry of Transport) test to ensure that their vehicle is roadworthy. Your first MOT test should be done after your vehicle has clocked three years.

The tests will then be done annually after the first check to ensure that the vehicle is still in good condition. Money is needed to perform a proper MOT test, and it is for this reason that many ask themselves how to get the cheapest MOT test.

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Legitimate Ways to Reduce Inheritance Tax

When a wealthy individual passes away, the government stands to benefit from his or her estate by imposing taxes on the estate. Your estate will be assessed to find out how much it is worth. This would include property or businesses you own, cash in your bank account or investments. The value of your estate is then compared to the inheritance tax threshold; if it exceeds the threshold, a 40 percent tax is imposed.

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Mastercard Chargeback; When and How Can You Use It?

Did you know that there’s a money back protection hidden in your Mastercard? Your Mastercard credit or debit card, regardless of the bank it’s issued from, contains a money privilege you might not be aware of. It is known as Chargeback, and it’s different from the Section 75 legal refund scheme. So what are exactly the Mastercard Chargebacks? And how will you maximize this kind of protection?


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Advantage Gambling Play Returns – February 2012

February Returns:


BF exch 5.31
188bet 185-painfully slow software
WillHill misc 34.70
footballpools/vernons 2.10
Laddies MOTM 75-continue to bust every tuesday
Coral roulette 4.95
Bodog NFL 75.83

Efbet 3.96
Stingbet reload 16.38
Salsabet second chance 2.64-book now closed
Laddies C4 9.75
Laddies ANC 43.96
Laddies cricket 184.63
Betfair Rugby Multiple 21.21
Betfair NBA 17.49
Redbet reload 7.02
Setanta ref 7.47
Titan NFL 6.79 NFL 32.40
PB/GB NFL 38.70
WillHill NFL 12.43
Amcleans 0-0 18.26-booted from book today and cash sent back without notice
Bet770 45.50
Starsports 48.15
Moneybookers 1% 167
Coral cb 99.95
Tomwaterhouse 37
Apollo ref 187.94
ESB ref 4.58
Arbs 60.28

Bulldog 12.84
Geobet 15.69

Betonline 239
Hollywood 138
5Dimes 40
Belmont 126
Betus 232

Total £2,483.01

Grand Total: £97,969.17

An excellent month for me. I am close now to my 100k target and this month saw me celebrate 5 years at this lark. So another 2k or so and I will be reassessing where I go from here.

I should add that bert towers is a one man operation-one account, no short cuts.

Chelts and then MLB to look forward to in March.