What on earth is this all about!?

I was a  37-year-old husband and father, a former teacher and basketball coach, and was selling insurance when I decided to give it all up (except the husband and father part) to become a professional gambler.   The quest was to use gambling as my sole source of income for a year and the journey uncovered more than I could have ever imagined.

young me

The Old Me, escaping my Old Life


No, I’m not a retired millionaire, but I was able to achieve my goals and more importantly loved every minute of it.  It was a roller coaster ride for sure, but bottom line is I was able to make money off of the casinos while doing something I was passionate about.

I spent months researching anything involving casinos and the gambling industry.  I used three positive expectation games to make money:  Sports Gambling, Blackjack Card Counting, and Video Poker.

Along the way I started this blog and unveiled another passion I never knew I had and that was writing. My journey led to my feature book Gamblers Fight Back that takes the reader along on my quest and shows them how to overcome the casino’s manipulation and give them the tools to increase their chance of success in the casino.

The main reason for the website is to educate the average gambler.  It was startling to uncover the tactics the casinos use to maximize their profits.  People go to casinos to enjoy themselves and they end up spending their mortgage payment.  I want to make people aware of these tactics and give them the opportunity to fight back.


So who is Stephen Orca?

Away from the gambling table, I’m a passionate photographer and I love gaming of any kind.

I occassionally blog about gaming, but more often than not it’s my photography that I’ll try to shoe horn into posts.  Like now.  I might just drop the phrase ‘it’s a dogs life’ into the post to justify including one of my favorite pictures…


My second Passion

My second Passion

So I started this blog as a way to provide people with information to help them become smarter gamblers.

Join in and be a part of it – I’d love to have you with me for the journey.