Advantage Gambling Play Returns – July 2012

July’s returns: (Figures in brackets represent losses).

Betchoice state of origin 12.19
Moneybookers cashback 158
Betclic 7.50
Coral Champions Club 20.46
Totesport/Betfred refund ‘if’ Fed 335.20
Betfair Raf 8
Dafabet 42.73
Golf Open ‘if’ (25.17)

Betsson 15.20 OR Spain
Unibet Ron 2.74
Bwin boost 2.78
Titanbet refund ‘if’ spain 54.10
Betfair quiz 37.36
Coral shop sweep 16.83-went to pick up my Spain ‘winnings’ from the local and found I’d won the sweep, a £20 freebet-I was more excited at that-proudly announcing that it had made my day. The shop staff looked rather quizzically as I simply stuffed the £400 quid in my pocket from the Spain win (which actually made a loss)..ahem, kinda gave the game away.
Betway spain 175.70-mugged the refund and made nice amount, placing small bets on everything that moved above certain odds.
Misc ‘if’ bets (95)-largely Ladbrokes FGS and Apollobet offers.

Betstar 24.25
Capitolbet 14.48
Parasino 38.63

Betus 194-Profits a bit thin on the ground offshore. I probably have less invested in dollars than at any time over the last 4 years right now.

Bluesq 5.29
WillHill Rou 25
WillHill Slots 54.40
WillHill Vegas 27.50
WillHill Casino 7.50
WillHill Bingo slots (23.58)
Heartgames 5
Stargames 64.20-received a voucher with a free no deposit bonus that I doubled a couple of times and withdrew-surprisingly now appear to have payout issues so approach with caution.
188 (50) lost double up again!

Total: £1,155.29

YTD: £15,956.84

MTH AVE: £2,279.55

In truth a slow month helped by concluding offers from the Euros, Moneybookers cashback and the Federer Wimbledon refunds.

Still a healthy return on time invested, and already through my year target of 15k. August brings Goodwood, more MLB and the return of football (and City reclaiming the league title ).

During slow periods I often wonder where all the money was made but hopefully things will pick up with the new month.

I should add that after making a complete idiot of myself on Saturday night that I shall be focusing more on monetary matters for the time being!

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