Advantage Gambling Play Returns – August 2013

August Returns:

Canbet champ 84.34
Canbet EPL 307.57
Betbutler Goodwood 35.49
Betin 26.10
Ladbrokes OOC 42.86
WillHill sec 151.77
Coral winners 6.46
Coral comm shield 6.70
Coral Liv 6.05
Coral crew cut 14.67
Portland e/o 48.25
Racebets BTT 10
Racebets ref 16.05
Totesport ref sec 52.20
Betbright 14.08
Moneybookers cb 255
Betfair EPL winnings 41.71
Betfair refund losses York 44.72
Betfair refund on losses 27.01
188bet mobile 33.83
Bet365 4/1 8.31
138Sun Vet 16.62
138Sun 50/50 32.29
Titan ashes 5.82
32Red 7.24
Arbs/Sharbs 337.34

Netbet 69.88
Vestabet365 83.54
Vernons 18.10
OurPricebet 8.97
Pandabet 130.66

Hollywood 184
Sportsbook 196
Sportsbetting 96

Betfred monopoly Monday 187.15
Betfair arcade 2
Betfair exch 20.47
Betfair 200/50 52.41
188bet (50)
WillHill misc 76.18
Mecca 6.99
Totesport cleo 9.15
Totesport mono 4.50
Coral misc 36.76
Gros mobile 7.30
Gros BH 1.72
Misc losses (43.87)

Total: £2,730.39

YTD: £18,520.55
MTH AVE: £2,315.07

A strong month for me with key contributions from Canbet, Moneybookers 1.5% promo and some new books. Offshore was again profitable.

Onto September and the end of a very good summer. The conclusion of the US tennis open, MLB and football should keep things ticking over.

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