Ways to Spend Your Money in Style


A fair chunk of the population is probably not looking for unique ways to spend their money. To call it how it is, much of the population is pinching pennies just to get by, especially during the holiday season. The last thing they’re looking for is a fun, creative outlet to splurge their dollars into. This part of the population is not you, but luckily you can help. Continue reading…

Five Ways To Save Money On Home Expenses


Being a homeowner can be fairly stressful, and it’s definitely not cheap. When you are young and live with your parents they are the ones that pay taxes, fix things when they break, and keep the utilities on. When you are a renter you have some extra bills to pay, but someone else deals with those property taxes, sometimes the utilities, and they deal with things when they break down. Continue reading…

Infographic: Tips for Unmarried Couples Buying a House Together

The most common (and important) question most unmarried couples ask when buying a house together would be: “What if things don’t work out, do we have a claim to the property we both shared?”

If you are an unmarried couple, it is to your benefit to sit down and be properly informed of the legal aspects/consequences on the path to take when it comes to house buying. Unfortunately, there are couples who end up not marrying each other, and deciding what will happen to the property co-owned can turn out to be complicated.

It doesn’t have to be. Check out this infographic from Experian. All you have to is follow these tips and be guided.
Continue reading…

Earning Money and Having Fun – Your Next Dream Job


Nine to Fivers

Since we are born, we can understand the world a little, we are being told that having a respectable and good paying job will mean that we succeeded. Though, can you have a fun and high paying job at the same time? Most people tend to find that working in an office is the halfway solution, but, there are jobs that will fulfill you more. Continue reading…