Why Learner Drivers Should Avoid Short Term Cover

If you’ve just started to learn to drive and are set on taking out learner driver insurance so you can practice with a parent outside of driving lessons, you may want to tread carefully. Did you know that many provisional car insurance providers either offer short-term cover that expires, or increases your car insurance premium once you pass your test?

Short Term Cover Provisional Insurance

The problem with short-term cover is exactly that – it’s short-term and will only cover you up until you pass your driving test. After which time the provider will either cancel the policy or they could increase your premium significantly if you have the option of changing it. Every learner wants to pass their driving test, so much so that they will anxiously wait for driving test cancellations to see if they can pass it sooner, nonetheless, that happy feeling can be diminished if they find out that their insurance has skyrocketed.

However, there are alternative solutions that could work extremely well – such as iKube Insurance.

iKube offers learner driver insurance that will not be cancelled or increased after you pass your driving test. They can do this as a result of the black box or “telematics” tracking device that is installed in the car.

The black box is basically put in place to track the time of day you are driving – as a learner you are highly unlikely to be driving late at night. As a result, iKube simply asks that you don’t drive between 11pm – 5am (the “red hours”) as these are the most dangerous times to drive.

However, the device also records information such as vehicle speed, acceleration, and braking patterns as well as vehicle location and a few other factors.

By using this information the company can actually see how well (or how badly) you are driving. If you drive well – you are rewarded with further discounts, as well as any No Claims Discount (NCD) earned at renewal.

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