Why Are People Turning to Logbook Loans for Fast Cash?

In the run up to Christmas, a logbook loan can help you take control of your financial predicament. As the festive period draws closer, a little additional spending money can help to settle existing financial obligations, pay outstanding bills, and provide funds to use in anticipation of the Christmas season.

Simply, a logbook loans uses the borrower’s vehicle as security for a loan, meaning people are able to gain access to greater sums. V5 Loans UK is a reputable, accredited and professional quick loan lender which specialises in confidential logbook loans.

Is a secured loan a viable option for you?

Fix Money Worries

Enter into a convenient loan arrangement to fix your economic difficulties. V5 Loans takes temporary ownership of the vehicle registration document throughout the duration of the loan, offering customers between £500 and £20,000 whilst demonstrating complete flexibility throughout the repayment procedure. Pay off existing debts, finalise home refurbishment plans or book a holiday abroad – with a logbook loan, you can solve your financial troubles… today.

Refused by Banks

V5 Loans accepts applications from people struggling with a poor credit rating, since a straightforward logbook loan is an effective means of raising a credit profile. Even with no credit history, a logbook loan can be agreed, as long as the borrower owns a vehicle registered after 2003. Handily, V5 Loans’ service extends to longer term deals, meaning customers won’t be obliged to return for a new loan on a regular basis. Banks and other high street lenders discount many applicants due to a person’s lack of assets or bad credit history, but a responsible money lender like V5 Loans considers all applicants, regardless of financial position.

Borrowers must reside in England or Wales in order to access these fast cash logbook loans. The only obligation is to keep up with timely, pre-determined, payments.

Consumers with bad credit may be unsure of how to gain access to same day cash sums, but with V5 Loans, borrowers of all backgrounds will be able to clear financial uncertainties in time for Christmas by taking out a secure logbook loan.

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