Visit the Finest Poker Casinos in Vegas

Situated within the sparsely inhabited Mojave Desert, Las Vegas has become a stimulating and thrilling place to visit. From themed weddings available ad hoc and crazy impersonators of Elvis Presley, to hotels with awe inspiring themes and the ‘in’ place to host a variety of large events such as the World Series of Poker! Vegas is a pulsating hub of thrills, spills and pure entertainment. Full to the brim with huge attractions, it’s no surprise that this unique place has drawn in excess of 35 million tourists per annum over the most recent three years.

Las Vegas is home to a number of the world’s most grandiose themed casinos and hotels. Simply digesting the sights (ostentatious décor, high-rollers and even animals) is enough to bring anyone to Vegas. No matter where you may roam in Vegas, you are always reassuringly within striking distance of a poker table. A selection of the most amazing casinos in Las Vegas are given below, each with No Limit Texas Hold‘em poker available to play seven days a week

The Bellagio

The enormous luxuriant Bellagio casino boasts 116,000 sq. feet of floor area, making this one of the topmost preeminent gambling locations not to be missed by the most dedicated gamblers. The Bellagio, one of the most iconic Las Vegas casinos and famous for its sumptuous interior, was designed with the beautiful Italian town of Bellagio, situated by Lake Como, in mind. Beautiful ornate water fountains and sweeping staircases are just a part of this impressive design. This casino is both luxurious and sophisticated, mixed with the fun of the gaming area. The Bellagio is additionally famous for attracting world-class chefs, for the conservatory and also its picture gallery. It’s also the casino that featured in the hugely successful ‘Oceans 11’ film.

Caesars Palace

With its Roman theme, the marble columns, the statues and the sparkling water fountains, Caesars is one of the most famous of Las Vegas casinos. This casino has featured many times on television shows and films alike. Often referred to as the ‘Casino of Casinos’, it offers a bona fide experience for gamblers. It offers plenty of variety and attracts many high-rollers, meaning Caesars Palace is one of the topmost exorbitant casinos in the world.

The MGM Grand

With twin roaring lions that guard the doorway to this lavish, not to mention largest, of hotels and casinos, this must be one of the most famous casinos in Vegas, if not the world. The immense size of this Vegas casino means it has a lot of play to offer its visitors. With 170,000 square feet of gaming area, that includes 3,500 slot machines and scores of poker tables. In addition to all of this, there is a special High Limit Slots space, featuring slot machines that pay out up to $500,000. In order to handle the perpetually increasing popularity of this casino, MGM gave the casino a makeover in 2006, creating a grand theatre feel. The sheer scale of everything this casino has to offer makes it a must-see for anyone visiting Las Vegas.

Only Vegas can capture the magnificence of Paris, Venice and New York, all in one vibrant and exciting city. This coupled with the enormous amount of gaming opportunities in some of the worlds finest casinos as mentioned, make a holiday to this destination a unique experience that should not be missed! For the chance to visit this thrilling city and get an experience of Vegas, visit PokerStars to play in online tournaments to win a prize package ($10,000 buy in +$3,000 travel expenses), where you could win tickets to the World Series of Poker in 2013.

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