Vehicles Get ‘Smarter’ And Easier To Track

It was inevitable, wasn’t it? First, we had smartphones, then we had smart televisions – supermarket shoppers across the world can even enjoy smart prices if they want to – so it was only a matter of time before we had smart cars.

Of course, Mercedes has had the Smart car since the 1990s but for a truly ‘smart’ car we’ve had to wait for technology to catch up. So what makes your car so clever?

Although your car may not know all the words to ‘She Loves You’ and it may not be able to name all of the James Bond actors, with an on-board computer that can track how many miles you have travelled, how much fuel you’ve used, how many miles per gallon (MPG) you are getting and how far you can drive before you have to fill up, there’s no doubt there’s a brain under that stylish bonnet.

Most modern cars will also check your oil and your tyre pressure whenever you switch on the ignition. One of the most exciting concepts, self-driving vehicles, has also made an appearance, both on a personal and a commercial scale. In the business world, autonomous vehicles have begun to make an appearance. Companies that deal with logistics and large deliveries can be seen making use of self-driving trucks, like the ones provided by Torc Robotics ( or similar companies, to ensure more accuracy and time efficiency in their daily deliveries. However, the use of such vehicles is commercial and there aren’t many models with this technology that have made their way into the personal use of people.

There is also the technology that allows us to make and receive telephone calls through a Bluetooth connection. Then there is the stereo that can decipher both traditional and digital radio frequencies as well as accept mp3 CDs and a connection with your iPod, and a host of extras such as parking sensors and automatic climate control that make your car an automotive Einstein.

Many cars now come with a built-in satellite navigation system and you can even purchase vehicle tracking technology that will help you locate your car if you have the misfortune of it being stolen. Advancements in tracking tech mean that you can instantly find out where in the world your car is – even if you are thousands of miles away – from the comfort of your laptop.

This tech is particularly advantageous for enterprises that manage fleets of vehicles. Consider the stress that can arise when your business’s vehicles are out on the road. You must be aware of their whereabouts to gauge estimated arrival times at their destinations. Numerous other factors hinge on the punctuality of your fleet’s arrival – consider customer service and the impact on your brand’s reputation. It’s for these very reasons that fleet owners often opt for Geotab and similar powerful tracking devices provided by companies like Connected Vehicles.

Building a company from the ground up requires immense perseverance. No entrepreneur would willingly jeopardize their hard-earned reputation by neglecting their business operations. So, in an era where technological advancements can prevent late deliveries and operational hiccups, it is natural that every business owner strives to harness this technology to ensure the smooth functioning of their enterprise.

That said, whether you want to track vehicles for security reasons or for the purposes of fleet management like can offer, modern software is so simple that even a non-smart car could use it! With any internet-enabled device, you are able to locate vehicles, set no-go zones, monitor reports such as driving efficiency reports, and receive customized alerts.

So while your car may be clever, at least you are able to keep your eye on it.


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