Top 5 Compact Cars For 2012

2012 was a great year for automobiles and innovation. The new cars on the market were impressive. Some cars were even successful at lowering automobile insurance rates for auto coverage. Those in need of vehicle insurance should get online car insurance quotes for these popular models.

The Hybrid

The most popular compact car is still the Hybrid. This car is wowing buyers everywhere. Many people say they save enough on their monthly gas to afford their vehicle insurance. It’s a win-win in terms of cost and style.

The Hatchback

Another popular compact car for 2012 is the hatchback. Buyers everywhere love the space provided by this compact car. It allows them to have the benefits of a SUV with the gas mileage of a sedan. Plus, the automibile insurance rates for this type of car are substantially lower.

The Convertible

The convertible seems to be making a comeback this year as well. Although the price is high in terms of auto coverage, many find it to be worth it. They love the thrill that comes from driving this vehicle. Plus, it is sporty too. It’s particularly popular among older women and males in their younger 20s.

The Chargeable Car

Furthermore, plug-in cars have been making headway in 2012. Many casual drivers love the low maintenance that comes with this car. It is not a good fit for heavy commuters. However, the average driver does fine plugging this car in every night for a recharge.

The Two-Door

Finally, the two-door sedan has been extremely popular during 2012. The auto insurance quotes on these cars are low. Combined with the price of the car, the two are attractive offerings for the average consumer. This vehicle continues to please fans around the world year after year.

These compact cars are a great option for anybody. Anyone from the busy family to the busy commuter can find a compact car that will suit them.

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