Tips to Get the Most from Your Car Finance Deal

2013 has started with a bang for the car industry with a record number of cars, 1.91 million, being purchased using car finance deals. In fact there’s never been a better time to buy a new car using finance as there are so many attractive offers around, so if you’re thinking about buying a car soon, make sure you get the most from your car finance package before you even start looking.

1. Know your product

Car finance aims to be a competitive and bespoke way to pay for your next car. Car dealers want to get you a good price but still do your homework before you go to the showroom. Car finance is divided into personal and business and then into various categories depending on your need. Packages include Hire Purchase, Conditional Sale, Personal Contract Purchases and Personal Leasing. The most suitable deal will vary according to a number of factors such as the size of your deposit, whether you want low interest rates over a longer period of time, and whether you want to own the car at the end.

2. Know your budget

Whether you are planning to buy a Mercedes from Mercedes Dealership Ipswich at Derrick Wells or an Audi from another dealer, it’s crucial to determine exactly what you can afford. Without a clear price range, finding the best car finance package can be challenging. Even a difference of a few hundred pounds can significantly impact your monthly repayments.

3. Shop around

The offer you get with the dealer may be good value but could you get better value elsewhere? Remember you don’t have to use the package they offer you if you can get a better deal elsewhere. So the day before you go to the dealer use the usual price comparison sites to compare prices, as well as speaking to a car finance specialist such as

4. Choose an SAF approved dealer

SAF (Specialist Automotive Finance) is a quality mark to make sure you know you are getting the best professional advice. SAF-approved dealers will make sure that you are personally guided through the finance application process, and can help you to make a safe, affordable and appropriate choice that is right for you and your car.

5. Avoid being refused credit

The better your credit rating the better the deal they’ll offer you, so before you even think about the colour of your car, check your credit report. There are several credit report companies such as Equifax and Experian who offer free trials, or you can use’s free online credit check.

6. Ask an expert

If you have any questions about the right car finance deal for you, how to calculate monthly payments or work out how much you need for a deposit then get expert advice. The FLA (Finance and Leasing Association) have a series of guides and FAQs on their website.

Caring for your new car

We would be remiss if we didn’t drop a few tips on how to look after your new car once you’ve bought it. Normal protocol for maximum protection of your car would be putting it in a secure garage, safe from potential theft and freezing weather, however, not everyone has that ‘luxury’.

A lot of the time, people are leaving their cars on their driveways, or adjacent to their driveway because it is the only place they can fit it. This is okay, and pretty normal to do. But, a big issue here is damage. Exposure to the elements like sun, rain, and snow can lead to fading of paint, deterioration of rubber seals, and corrosion of metal components. Additionally, parking on an inclined driveway can strain the transmission and parking brake, potentially leading to premature wear. You might then have to visit engine repair technicians in Garner, NC (if that’s where you live) to get the issue fixed.

Some people don’t actually have a driveway at the front of their house, and if they are already using the pavement for another car, where are they going to put it? That’s right, the front lawn. You may think that wouldn’t be correct, but people with large lawns out front can use this as a parking space if they really have nowhere else to put it. This is a last resort for some people, but it does give them peace of mind to know that it is right in front of them and not in another street.

If you have to do this, you could worry about damage, not just to your car (mud and grass can get stuck in the wheels, making you lose traction and causing splatters all over the place), but also the look of your lawn. This is where Grass Grids from The Ideal Garden, and other similar businesses, come in handy in your time of need. Not only can they support your car, but they can seamlessly blend in with that grass, stopping it from being damaged.

Your new car is an important part of you. It gets you from A to B, but you have to protect it, and washing it every day, doing safety checks every. single. day, is not exactly what you want to be messing around with at 6am before work. So think ahead, because safety and care for your new car will have a knock on effect.

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