Three Great Tips to Lower the Price of an Ever Increasing Car Insurance Premium

Learning how to capitalize on how to reduce the price of car insurance will take some research. This is research that will be well worth the effort. Since everyone wants to be able to get the best deal when it comes to insurance premiums the tips related in this article will help.

Tip 1. Increase the voluntary excess. 

This is like an escrow fund within your insurance company that holds a certain amount of money that will cover the cost of any claim that you may submit. This is your money and not the money from the insurance company. By upping the ante in this aspect, the insurance company sees this as favorable because it means less liability in the long run. So the more you can put into this type of account will see a lower premium rate.

Tip 2. Online insurance websites.

All companies look for ways to cut their internal costs of doing business. One of the most popular ways is by having the customer initiate insurance forms or even establishing their application through online media. This saves a lot of time for the insurance agent because it dissolves a lot of the paperwork needed by the company. Information contained within hard copy is the same as an online submission. Encryption techniques are employed online so that information is as secure as possible. So asking about this aspect of driving down insurance rates may seem feasible to use.

Tip 3. Buy a new car, lower your insurance premium. 

This is a feature that a lot of people do not know. Free insurance for a period of time may be included within the purchase price of a new vehicle. Even if the discount is minimal, the fact remains that insurance may be included and relieves you of paying insurance through a third party. Since you are already paying insurance, why pay it again? Taking into account the price of insurance against the price of the car may add up to savings you did not expect.

The tips above were contributed by one of our readers Claire, she works for the car insurance comparison site comparethemarketcarinsurance.

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