The Ultra-Secure Display Card

Mastercard has recently introduced a new high-tech credit card called the Display Card, which offers account holders additional security and features that a traditional Mastercard does not offer. Mastercard plans on offering its new Display Card around the world, but currently the new Display Card is only available in Singapore.

Although many experts predicted that the traditional credit card will be obsolete in the near future, the Display Card will put that theory to the test. In many ways, this new innovative credit card is more convenient than owning a smartphone or using a smartphone app. In fact, many have suggested that the Display Card is like a smartphone because it offers one-touch access to information.

The Display Card Has a Small Keypad and an LCD Display

Although many experts have speculated about the fate of the credit card, MasterCard is proving that its new and improved version of its traditional credit card is better. The Display Card eliminates the need to carry a secondary device or portable reader around to generate tokens. Although not everyone needs these tokens, many account holders are required to generate an authentication token with a reader when using their Mastercard in some specific situations. With the Display Card, cardholders will no longer have to worry about generating another token again. The only thing that has to be supplied to use the Display Card anytime is a one-time pass code. This pass code can be entered by using a small keypad that is located right on the face of the card.

New High Tech Features Help Account Holders Keep Their Credit Card Safe

One of the main features of MasterCard’s new Display Card is the password protection feature. This feature is available to all Display Card holders, so only the account holder can actually swipe this card to make purchases. The traditional Mastercard has no layer of protection, so absolutely anyone can pick it up and start using the card to make unauthorized purchases. Having an added layer of security in place will definitely help prevent unauthorized use and help keep credit cards safe. This means account holders never have to worry if they lose their card or if their card gets stolen.

The Display Card Offers Many More Features Than a Traditional Mastercard

The credit card doubles as a traditional credit card, but can also be used as a debit card to withdraw funds at an ATM. To use the card at an ATM, all that is needed is the secret code. In addition to being able to use the card at the ATM to withdraw money, account holders will be able to check their balance, points, and other information simply by looking at the LCD display located on the front of the card. Having this information displayed on the front card is very convenient for people who like to know what their balance is at all times.

Although the Display Card has only made its debut in Singapore, the company has plans to roll the card out worldwide. Mastercard has definitely raised the bar with the Display Card; a relatively simple credit card comparison will reveal this to be true. With all of its many features, this card in many ways is easier to use than a smartphone or smartphone app that doubles as a credit card.



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