The Most Popular Party Games

When it comes time to having a party, no one wants to go to the same old party over and over again. This is where creativity comes in. This is when you need to put on your creative hats and think up some new ideas for a newly invented party or put a new spin on an old one. Thinking of new party ideas is just the start of the fun; there is also creating the decorations and food and then having the party itself with a bunch of friends and family. Here are some great creative party ideas offered by Bestessays to spice up your next gathering.

Around the World

Around the world is a game about just that, different cultures and countries around the world. For this game, you decorate and serve food for a different room in the house. People can then go from room to room and enjoy the decorations and different culture of food for that country and room. This is great for larger groups such as frat parties and large gatherings.

Anything but Clothes

Anything buy clothes is all about wearing anything but clothes to a party themed around it. This doesn’t mean you have to go naked. You just have to wear anything you can think of but what is considered clothing attire. This could be trash bags, bubble wrap and even aluminum foil. This is a fun way to get together with friends and have a great time.

Game Night

Game night can be enjoyed by playing different games with friends and family. You can put together a friendly competition of Mortal Combat or UFC (Ultimate Fighting Champion) that can be played on gaming televisions like the ones right here, or on gaming laptops as well. Or you can play other games such as board games, charades, or card games and just about anything you can think of to have a good time together. If you prefer tabletop RPGs (role-playing games), try playing D&D Adventure Begins, Candlekeep Mysteries or others like them (a list of more such games can be found at sites similar to Just make sure you keep a prize aside for whoever wins each category.

Highlighter Party

This type of party consists of wearing a white t-shirt and dark pants. You will also need highlighters to hand out to everyone and black lights, glow sticks and brightly colored hats. It works by letting everyone draw and write on each other’s shirts. You then turn the black light on, hand out the glow sticks and the brightly colored hats and turn off the lights to see what everyone has on their shirt. This is fun because you can see how creative people can get with their drawings and phrases on each other’s shirts.

Breakfast for Dinner

This type of party is all about eating breakfast dishes for dinner. You can start around dinner time and have each party guest create their own breakfast dish. This could be waffles, pancakes, eggs, omelets and anything else you can think of. Everyone then sits around and eats a little bit of every dish together. What a yummy idea!

Pajama Party

A pajama party is just that; a party where you show up in your pajama’s and have a sleepover with friends and family. You can wrap up warm in your dressing gown or catch them all in a cosy Pokemon onesie… whatever you want! This type of party warrants types of games such as truth or dare or even a pillow fight with friends. You can then wind down with some yummy popcorn and a fun movie to watch together.

Any of these types of parties will be a fun way to spend time with those you are close to and even make new friends. You can pick one or even mix it up a bit. The point is to have fun and be creative.

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