Selling your car is not a big deal: Tips Unleashed

PERCY SAYS… Many people all around the world thinks that selling a used car is a complicated task. Most of the car deals fail just because of the bargaining in price – but it doesn’t have to be hard. If you are ready to follow the steps below, then you can sell your car without any headaches and you will fetch the best price around.


Most car dealerships have auto dealer software that can facilitate smooth sales and marketing processes. However, as an individual selling an old car, you may not have such technological aids. If you want to sell your car at the best price in the market, you need to make your car fully-fledged for sale. If you adhere to the below-mentioned steps, you can make your car ready for the first phase of selling.

1) The first and foremost step to do is to clean your car. You have to clean it in and out with a good car wash to keep it tidy, this will help to make the car look nice in photos that you may post online.

2) Try to get a new MOT so that it will help others to know about the basic conditions and features of the car. An MOT is of course the legal evidence you need to prove that a car is drivable on the roads. However, if your car’s MOT is about to go out of date then it might make the car unappealing to prospective buyers as they don’t see the car as having a long guarantee of driveability.

3) Always mention the defects and demerits of your car. If you are selling a car with hidden defects, it may lead to legal consequences, which could cause you unnecessary hassle further down the line, which could override the whole reason you decided to sell your old car in the first place.

4) Doing a professional valet service will help you a lot while making a sale. It will make a huge difference in the price and it will allow you to easily sell your car. Try to fix the defects and repair minor painting scratches. You could potentially look at mobile companies such as Neptune Mobile Car Wash & Detail, or you could ask a car dealer for a recommendation on who they use to make their second-hand cars look new again.

Personally, I’m a little aprehensive about selling to the private, and always feel like I’m getting conned when I go to a garage. A nice half way house is a company like – you can get a quote online in seconds and then they come and collect the car from you. If you are interested in selling the car privately, have a look at the tips below.


1) Fix a reasonable price for your car: This is perhaps the most vital step you need to follow for a successful car sale. You can check the web or magazines for comparing the price of your car with other cars of the same breed.

2) You cannot sell any car with conditional sales agreement or outstanding finance: Always make sure that the car you have do not possess outstanding hire purchases or sale agreements. If you are very keen on selling your car, then try to obtain the permission of the finance company.

3) Advertise properly: Do not try to make false claims or impracticable advertising words. You have to advertise it in a very convincing and pleasing way.

4) Try to stick to the facts: You need to stick to the facts while you are describing your car. The frankness will attract potential buyers and it will result in a successful car sale.

5) Do not forget to mention the condition of the car in the advertisement: Including the condition of your car in the advertisement will increase the chances of sale to a great extend. You have to also include the conditions in the sale receipt once the deal is done.

6) Handing over all documents: You need to hand over all relevant documents while you sell your car. It includes MOT certificates, service records and receipts of previous works carried out.

7) Keep an eye on test drive: Always make sure that the buyer is insured to make a test drive. Also be cautious about vehicle theft and do not hand over the key while you are not near the vehicle.

8) Try to create a margin for bargaining: You have to build a margin for bargaining to get closer to the amount you want. It will also make the buyer happy about the deal.

9) Always provide the ‘Sold as seen, tried and approved without guarantee’ receipt for a safe deal: You need to use a sellers contract to avoid future legal disputes and issues.

10) Get full payment: You need to get your full payment before handing over your car. It is your right to get paid and cash is the best medium as there are chances of bouncing if a check is provided.

What to do next before handing over your car? You need to follow certain steps before your buyer vanishes into the thin air.

1) Create a seller’s agreement.
2) Keep one copy of the contract with you and give another copy to the buyer.
3) Do not forget to sign and date the contracts.
4) Keep a signed copy with you as well as the buyer for future references. It also acts as a solid proof of purchase.
5) Inform the DVLA that you have sold your car.
6) Strictly follow the instructions in the V5 registration document.
7) Visit your motor trade insurance broker (e.g. and cancel and remove the car from the MID.

If you follow all the steps mentioned above, it will surely result in a successful and pleasant deal.
”Happy Selling”

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