Sell Your Business for Free with these Great Tips

Building up your business requires a lot of patience and hard work. When it’s up and running and making you some money, there may be a point when you need to sell it. This might be because you are thinking of retiring, moving or looking into staring a new venture. What ever the reason, it’s a way to earn some money after your hard work. There are many businesses that are sold everyday and if you want to sell for the maximum price, there are various ways to do so.

Use the internet

The internet is a great place to start if you want to sell your business for free. You should really take advantage as a way to cut down on, for example, advertising costs. There are many trustworthy websites that you can use to sell your business. Here you will be able to list your business and deal with prospective buyers. However, you should choose quality websites with good track records.

Another possibility is to use websites that are run by professionals. Instead of paying a fee to list or advertise your business, consider registering your business with one of these sites. They’ll ultimately get a percentage of the sale however, you have the security of knowing that buyers are vetted and this will protect you from scammers.


Joining professional networking organisations is a great way to boost your business sales. It is also a good way connect with like minded businesses who can be of assistance when you need to sell your business. Instead of spending money on advertising in different mediums, you’ll be able to find buyers and contacts through such relationships.

Do it Yourself

Professionals will help you prepare to sell your business by doing things that could possibly arrange on your own. This includes writing a sales prospectus, organising an audit of your records and ensuring your financials are up to date in general. Your premises should be maintained and all your bills should be current. This will certainly make your business more marketable on the market.

Get a professional

There are many legalistic and financial aspects of a sale that you may overlook, if you are new to businesses sales. This can ultimately cost your money and fees down the line. For this reason, a professional whose job it is to consider these aspects might be a worthwhile investment. I will ultimately cost you less in the long run. However, if you are concerned about this cost, you are always able to negotiate a form of payment between the two parties.

Whatever your reason for selling your business, you should be prepared and ensure that you are selling at the right time for the right reasons. This means considering the economic conditions of the times, whether similar businesses are selling in the market place and whether there are not other options for you during this time. Although there are many ways to cut costs when selling, remember that you don’t want to make a mistake here and have to start from scratch.

This is a guest post from Tom at Intelligent Business Transfer

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