Save Money on Your Mobile Phone Bill

We have all dreaded our phone bills coming through, sometimes we know we have used too many minutes or data, or it can simply be because we can’t afford the package we are using. Either way, we have all been in this position however some of us don’t realise that there are many small changes we can make that will save us pounds every month. The first thing we all need to do is look at exactly how we use our phones, check to see if you are sending more texts than your plan offers or if you are increasingly using more internet data month on month. It is knowing these facts that will help you to get the plan that is right for you!

Switch to Pay as you Go

Pay as you go is not as widely used as contracts are but the potential benefits of using this form can be great, especially if you find paying your monthly bill difficult. If this sounds like you then why not have a look at the pay as you go phone by Virgin Mobile, there are many to choose from and all sorts of add ons you can get so that you can really create your personal plan.

The best part of switching to a pay as you go sim card is that there are no hidden fees, you will literally just be paying for your usage. Not only will this initially save you some pounds but can also help us to use our mobile phones more economically. Remember that with this form of sim card you will have to pay for your handset, but the money you will then save could be used towards this.

Find a new plan

This is where analysing and knowing how we use our phones come into use. If you have a current contract but notice that you are constantly going over you allowances, then it may be time to negotiate a new plan. Once you know if you are using too much or sometimes too little data on your current plan then ring your provider and see what they can offer.

If your current provider isn’t willing to negotiate your plan then have you considered switching provider? With so many out there, there is a variety of different packages you could choose, from better contract deals, to a better handset for the same money. Shopping around can be a great tool for showing you what else is available.

Speak to your boss

Many of us now use our mobile phones for our work, to make calls, check emails and for some of us this is an essential part of our work. If this is the case then have you considered contacting you HR representative or manager and asking them if they will help with you work costs? Some companies even offer deals where you can either have a contract through them where they will pay for your phone, as long as you don’t abuse the privilege, other deals can be money off calls etc. Finding out if you are entitled to this could help to cut down or even cut out your bill entirely!

Take advantage of deals

Every mobile phone provider will have certain deals running throughout the year, this could be money off phone calls or free text messages and each could save you some pounds. This is especially true in the case of family and friends deals that include free minutes to dedicated numbers, many providers offer this and these minutes can be extremely useful. Contact your provider and see what they are currently offering.

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