How to Protect Yourself from Card Fraud

In today’s advanced society many people are left defenseless with the level of sophistication of modern day criminals. If you would like to take a proactive approach, there are a number of things you can do to mitigate your chances of becoming a victim of identity theft or card fraud.

1.) Protect Your Privacy

Whenever you throw away any documents that contains personal information make sure to shred these documents and dispose of them properly. Wherever you may be, at the gym, at work or in a supermarket, be mindful to keep your wallet or purse in a safe location. Never write down passwords where they can easily be found, like in your wallet or purse. Instead of writing your passwords down, try downloading a password a password manager or password app. This will allow you to manage your passwords on multiple of accounts that can be accessed on a computer or smartphone.

2.) Monitor and Check Your Accounts Regularly

Monitoring and checking of your accounts daily is highly advisable. If you notice any fraudulent activities, immediately report it to your prepaid card service provider. You will be required to report and verify each case, but be aware that fraudulent charges can add up over time.

With traditional credit cards each fraudulent charge could damage your credit score. Be mindful and watch your accounts closely by checking them daily in order to mitigate any damages. You want to keep an eye out for when fraudsters try to make purchases using your credit card details. Check out to find out about online financial security.

3.) Use a Prepaid Card

Since there are no credit checks involved with applying for a prepaid card, they are easily accessible to everyone. Credit facilities are in no way linked to the cards, limiting the cardholder to spending only what was preloaded onto the card. The prepaid card can be used just like any other debit or credit card to make purchases online, in-store and get cash at ATM machines.

When a prepaid card is lost or involved in a case of theft or fraud, financial damages will be limited to the prepaid card’s stored value, limiting the amount of any losses and protecting your credit score. In addition, prepaid cards are designed to be as safe as traditional debit or credit cards since prepaid cards are protected with the chip and PIN security system. Should you lose or have your card stolen, you can simply reach out to the prepaid card service provider and have your prepaid card account blocked instantly and a replacement sent right away. Visit for more information.

4.) Watch Out for Suspicious Activity

If you notice that there are charges paid to an unfamiliar or unrecognized accounts, missing credit card bills or you’re denied credit for no particular reason, these could all be signs of possible identity theft. Strange and unexplained events, like the ones previously mentioned should be reported and investigated as soon as possible. It is always easier to reach a resolution with your bank the sooner you report the case.

5.) Protect Your Mail

Should you ever have to leave town for work or for pleasure, ask a family member or your neighbor to pick up your mail regularly. Instructing your post office to have it held there until the date at which you return is a much better alternative. On top of that, keep from posting the details of your vacation until you return. Doing this could notify a potential thief that your home may be vacant and would increase the likelihood of theft.

6.) Be Vigilant When Paying Online

Everyone enjoys the convenience of online shopping. Make sure the computer you use to access your accounts is safe before any personal information is inputted. Make sure that your wireless network is secure and install antivirus and antimalware software on your computer. Finally, use the more secure “https” rather than “http” at the beginning of the web address, especially when paying online or logging onto websites that require you to provide personal information. Last but not least, use of passwords that are of at least 8 characters long, use numbers, and try not to make your passwords too easy to predict.

Final Word

Identity theft, data breach and card fraud are somewhat unavoidable and common in this day and age. With financial digitalisation, you must be more vigilant. Pick prepaid over credit when possible and be mindful of your finances by reviewing them regularly. The use of financial tools that are security-enhanced, such as prepaid cards from, will significantly reduce fraud related damages to your credit score and general finances.

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