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When you login today at any site, everyone talks about fantastic deals for their newbies and which rooms are ideal for them. Have you ever wondered what if you become a long term player and what’s in store for you then? Didn’t I get you thinking? Right now, I am rubbing my hands with glee because I will be sharing some best value ideas for your next bingo game.


Re-Deposit Bonus Offers

Chin up, this is important, you got to take advantage of these special offers. For newbies there are huge welcome offers and you could take an equal advantage as them. You could get upto 250% re-deposit bonus on certain sites. If you are one of the lucky players who plays bingo at GameVillage Bingo, then you will know about the special re-deposit offers for all.

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Loyalty Points

Players need something more, not just loyalty points. GameVillage Bingo is one of the few sites who values players presence. They allot virtual houses for all their players based on their frequency of playing games and making deposits over a period of time. You could start with just a house, then a castle or the gold key. You even get to reside in a funky neighbourhood with cool addresses to flaunt.



Nowadays, sites are not restricting themselves to their platforms. They have branched out to other social media platforms, GameVillage Bingo has presence in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and even Instagram. You could even get free £3 bonus if you like Facebook page of GameVillage Bingo! Freebies which are easy to avail are always best!


Game Schedule

This should not bother you much, every site has a schedule for all games to be played. You could check out the timings and even pre-buy the tickets for the bingo games. Varieties of games are being offered so that you could try out the most whenever you wish.



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Always try to have fun while playing to win but don’t take out the fun when you lose the prize. Sporting spirits are highly recommended when you play in these games. There is always luck involved when you play in these games. So don’t get hard on yourself because tomorrow could be your day.


I have given you quite enough points to get you started on when you begin playing bingo games. If you haven’t joined any bingo site yet, try out GameVillage Bingo with a deposit of £5 and get boosted with 400% welcome bonus along with a free spin. You could use your free spin to win guaranteed prizes from Spin the Wheel.

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