How to get cheap van insurance

A common speculation about the word ‘cheap’ is low in cost and quality. In insurance niche, the cheap insurance coverage is usually less and it may not be effective in certain cases. Therefore it is important to obtain an insurance policy at affordable rate without compromising on the coverage.

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Advantage Gambling Play Returns – January 2012

January’s returns:

Dhoze 44.20
Gunnergaming 16.71

Laddies mobile 17.19
Laddies C4 7.46
Laddies FACup 104.48
Laddies darts 49.03
Laddies multiple 7.73
Laddies odds on 9.64
Amcleans 0-0 4.95
Titan 14.44
Stingbet 55.07
Digibet 74.29
WillHill App 45.28
Bet770 50
Sportsbet tennis ref 149.08
Sportsbet NFL ref 63.18
Betchoice tennis 17.76
ESB ref 4.95
Apollobet NFL 8.31
Arbs 8.32

Betonline 168
Betus 204
Sportsbetting 230

WillHill casino 35
WillHill bingo 18.39
WillHill vegas 28
WillHill slots 98
Sky bingo (1.60)
Laddies casino MOTM 45 (1/5 doubles)
Bodog BJ 414.50
Boylesbingo slots 6.30
Betfair exch 18.53
football1x2 7
Heart gaming 15 (Quidco)

Profit £2,038.09

A nice to start to the year with a whole range of offers, and especially sweet was the positive variance with Bodog’s casino reload. Just 4k short of my target now and with plenty on the go I still hope to hit it by the end of Cheltenham.

I celebrate 5 years at this lark in a couple of weeks. Where has that gone?