Advantage Gambling Play Returns – April 2012

April returns:

24Winbet 10.24
Redstar 11.36

WillHill app 3.88
Betsson reload 99.25
Setanta ref 25.05
Setanta ref 26.33
Betfair masters 174.10
Betfair mm 31.62
Betfair raf 10
Betfair cash cup 40
Coral ref 64.90
Coral header 52.86
Coral cc 50
Unibet mobile 7.63
Arbs/EO 151.99

Laddies 15.01
Coral Allen 25
Coral Murphy 25
Apollobet ref 81.75

Titan 6.83
WillHill app 32.75
WillHill e/o 23.15
Coral e/o 15.63
Laddies mobile ref 19.53
Tote e/o 7.45
Corbett e/o 1.83
Apollo 17.41
Laddies e/o 16.34
Betdaq 8

Bodog WBA chips 124.08
WillHill misc 924.90
Betfair exchange 32.83
Betfair exchange 12.77
Laddies FNL 28
FBP/V 9.42
188bet (50) lost double up

Hollywood 317
Sportsbetting 220
Betus 14

Total: £2,681.42

YTD: £11,363.38

A good month made better by an amazing £750 win on a 50p spin on WillHill bingo slots. I’d gone to bed after a night shift and set my alarm for an hour later (ouch) to hit the best odds for Aintree and finished off with the 2.50 free mobile credit. To be honest I could barely see the screen and was sure it said 75p!

I’ve decided to keep publishing my returns as I have always found it self-motivating and helps to keep my focus.

April tailed off badly with a poor masters for me, trump doing me no favours on the snooker and my bets skewed towards Utd in last night’s game. I have found balancing work, preparing to move house and doing this lark a real challenge over the last few weeks, nonetheless hand-made curtains don’t pay for themselves

May rolls on with the snooker, MLB, FA Cup, Champions League, City winning the League and ‘bert towers’ moving locations.

Advantage Gambling Play Returns – March 2012

March Returns:

WillHill live 45
WillHill games 30.60
WillHill slots 199.20
Vernons/Footballpools misc 32.08
Bodog casino 321
Bodog casino (200)-probably a bad move, opted in for a marginally profitable offer. I find the swings here incredible. Anyway went on a bad run, attempted big double up and lost.
Bodog WBA chips 70.01
188bet 269
Ladbrokes Fri night 37.50
Coral madness 10.02
Laddies MOTM (38)-I found this offer pretty infuriating to be honest, winning only 2 double ups throughout.
Betfair exchange games 15.11

Hollywood 142

IW arbs 2.54
Bets10 reload 42.11 NRL ref 62.13
Betfair mobile 33.80
AllYouBet EE4E 137.48
Stingbet reload 94.32
Setanta ref 6.50
Boyles 3.34
Coral ref 94.54
Bet770 286.24
Scoop6 977.92-wahey! A great ride, thanks again to PG, Andy and all the horse pickers!
Unibet 0-0 43.98
Bodog dubai 7.17

Teambet 56.08

Bwin bday 5.68
Paf bday 9.90
Digibet bday 3.92
Bet770 bday 10.78

WillHill E/O 40.56
WillHill £10 SNR 8.03
WillHill vegas 10
WillHill slots 8.00
Ladbrokes £5 4.77
Ladbrokes E/O 78.47
Racebets bday 23.24
32red 23.17
Apollo 46.92
Corbet 396.77
Betfair mobile 112.01
Coral BJ 5
Coral DOND 1
Coral games 70.50
WillHill App 495.08
Tote E/O 59.1
Titanbet (29.97)
Sportsspread (5.84)

Total: £4,160.76

Grand Total: £102, 129.93

A great month for me when I finally broke through the 100k target after 5 years, 1 month.

Cheltenham was both fun and stressful, probably more the latter at times. Mugging my Corbett freebet the highlight! The month also brought the Scoop6 adventure which helped boost profits and gave everyone involved a real rush. Defa and I’s planned celebrations at the winning post yesterday were unfortunately thwarted.

I also bought a new house during the month-who says gambling doesn’t pay!, became single, poisoned myself which left me bed ridden for a number of days and became a mod on the forum. Quite a month!

I hope I have shown what’s possible with a little endeavour and application. I would like to thank dreamy for starting this thread back in 2009, Andy and co for keeping it and the likes of MITK and numerous others on the forum who have helped, encouraged and put up with my City rants!

Lots to look forward to in April; the Grand National, Masters and the return of MLB (and my money offshore no doubt).

Thought I’d include a picture of my simple set-up:

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