My First Glorious Experience Visiting a Casino Online

Have you ever seen the ‘Yes Man’ film? A guy named Carl Allen wanted to spice up his life so he promised to say ‘Yes’ to anything. It caused small problems, but he got what he wanted – a great time! Well, this year I promised to have a great time too. I am ‘Yes Man’ personified!

My friends dared me to eat weird stuff like frogs, bugs (yikes!), and other (weird!) exotic cuisine. They also told me to experience new things. To explore! Well, I love that part! Experiencing anything for the first time is thrilling, right?

My friends are into playing casino online and that intrigued me a lot. There are quite a few to choose from out there and some even offer bonuses to players, e.g. the zoome casino bonus, so it brings them back for more. Before becoming a ‘Yes Man’, online casinos bored me. I felt they would just eat my money and there would be no real people to play with. Don’t get me wrong, I love to play cards, but I want to see my opponent. Old school, that’s me!


Anyway, my friend told me all about the good side of online casinos. Like what? Playing in the comfort of your home; you can play any time and as long as you want; and you don’t need to ‘meet’ the opponent. You play, hopefully win, and get out in a matter of seconds! Well, that’s good enough for me.

Click here, for casino online” flashed the computer screen! I clicked and boy did I enjoy my first visit! They did not only have my preferred game, Classic Blackjack, but they also have European Blackjack and other ‘card’ games! And, I guess beginners’ luck is true because I won 250! I won while drinking my favorite beer in my own Game room. And, guess what? Winning another 100 in another game is just as exciting! I’m glad I said ‘Yes’ to online casino!

I also tried their slot machines! My very first time! I played the Mystic Wilds and Wild Vegas. It was wild, alright! I never thought slot machines could be THAT interesting. Honestly, I always saw slot machines as games played by women in movies. You insert some coins, pull the handle and wait for a “Ca-ching” sound. Online casinos are a bit different. Good thing I didn’t lose a lot! Oh well, win some lose some, right? Don’t worry; a rematch is just around the corner!

Addicted to the gambling of the Casinos by internet. Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo, professional gambler.

The Scratch Card games also caught my attention. I never though Scratch Card games would go online! I always thought Scratch Cards are only available in convenient stores. You scratch them; hopefully win some money and collect the money from the store! Well, things are really different these days! But, I’m sure the prizes are all good! I wonder what the monthly prize is going to be. Hmmmmm …. I claim the prize! If only it’s that easy!

Saying ‘Yes’ to some stuff is good! It made me realize I am missing a lot of fun stuff! I am glad I said ‘Yes’ to online casinos. It is divergent, but it was also entertaining, relaxing and at the same time breathtaking! And, winning some money isn’t bad either!

Best of all I don’t need to hail a cab to go to my bedroom! Progress, right?

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