Looking Designer on the Cheap

Have you ever flipped through the pages of a magazine, longing to emulate a celeb’s chic style? Celebs are always on the cutting edge of the latest looks, dressing themselves in pieces from the world’s most renowned fashion labels. While these designer pieces may be too pricy for your budget, you can find some great pieces that will you achieve a high fashion look on the cheap. Follow these tips to get started:

1) Invest in the basics.

While personal style varies for each individual, there are a few must-have items that every woman should have in her wardrobe: a white blouse, black trousers, dark-wash jeans, a little black dress, and a pair of comfortable pumps. These versatile pieces can be worn everywhere from the office to a dinner date to a night out with the girls. As a general rule, choose neutral tones for these basic pieces; you can add a pop of color in the form of a few carefully chosen accessories later on. If you have a specific fashion niche in mind you may want to put them into a search online to see what comes up and work your style through that. For instance, jeans are a staple in a wardrobe, we all know that and we want to get ones that suit our frame and size, so looking online at websites like https://www.unionbay.com/collections/women-juniors-jeans can show you a wide variety that will be part of your closet.

2) Accessorise.

Once you’ve got the basics down, start looking for statement pieces help jazz up your look. Add a cardigan in this season’s hottest hue to dress up your office ensemble, or pair a luxurious sheepskin jacket with your dark wash jeans to create a truly high fashion look. Accessories are also a great way to show your personality while updating your look for the current season. Celebs are often spotted wearing scarves, sunglasses, and statement jewellery when they’re out on the town. Added bonus? These items are much less expensive than blouses, trousers, and footwear, giving you more spending power.

3) Don’t forget about makeup
Sometimes, when it comes to looking stylish and classy, your makeup can be the difference between a hit or a miss. People might think that colourful and heavy makeup looks are high-fashion, but this is not always the case. Your makeup needs to complement your outfit, and vice versa; which might mean opting for a minimal makeup look for certain occasions, and loud and heavy looks with others. For an everyday sophisticated look, either no makeup or clean-girl makeup is usually your best bet. Even just going for a light spray tan is usually a great choice as it gives you a natural, bronzed glow. You can book yourself a tanning appointment to learn more about this. For starters, know that Your session includes spray tanning and heated drying, which is beneficial when getting this treatment because it allows the tan solution to adhere to your skin. Always remember that your outfit is only as good as your overall look, and be sure to pair the right outfit with the right makeup to achieve the high-fashion look that you want.

4) Be a smart shopper.

Dressing on the cheap doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. The key is to be a smart shopper. You might be able to find basic pieces at your local consignment or charity shops; these stores sell lightly used pieces at a fraction of the cost of high-end retailers. If you already own a few designer pieces, exchange them for new ones on BigWardrobe or Swop2Shop. If you have a favourite store, sign up to receive emails that will alert you of special sales and coupons. You may also have some luck finding coupons on websites like RetailMeNot, MyVoucherCodesUK, and CouponCraze to use as you shop. Remember to compare prices over several sites in order to find the best deals to accommodate your budget.

5) Learn the importance of layering

Layering in fashion is essentially wearing multiple clothing items on top of each other, which is great for temperature control, versatility, personal style expression, visual interest, functionality, adaptability to different occasions, and comfort. Balancing aesthetics and practicality is key to mastering the art of layering and making the most of your wardrobe. The best part is, you can layer outfits using the most simple garments in your closet and look like you could be on a runway. For instance, a cap sleeve top could be effective for layering because it offers minimalist and sleek shoulder coverage, making it versatile for various layering options. It can provide a foundation for additional layers, such as cardigans, blazers, or jackets, without adding bulk or making the outfit feel too heavy. Other effective layering garments include lightweight long-sleeve tees, tank tops, and button-up shirts, which can be worn underneath sweaters, vests, or as standalone pieces, offering different looks and adaptability to changing weather conditions. Additionally, camisoles, turtlenecks, and tights can serve as excellent base layers to provide warmth and style versatility when combined with outerwear and accessories.

6) Make it fit.

While most of us are used to wearing clothes exactly as we found them on the rack, good tailoring is crucial to creating a high fashion look. Fitted blouses, trousers, jeans, skirts, and dresses can truly make all the difference between looking glamorous and having a frumpy, thrown-together look. Whether your pieces are from high-end retailers or local charity shops, make sure they’re fitted to complement your shape and accentuate your best features.

In the quest to achieve a high fashion look without breaking the bank, there are several key strategies to keep in mind. From building a foundation of timeless basics and accessorizing with statement pieces to considering the role of makeup in enhancing your overall style, each step offers valuable insights into creating a chic wardrobe. The importance of smart shopping cannot be overstated, as finding quality pieces at consignment shops or making use of discounts and coupons can significantly stretch your budget. However, it’s essential to remember that fit is the final and critical factor in achieving a high fashion appearance. Whether you invest in designer labels or opt for more affordable options, tailoring your clothing to complement your unique shape and accentuate your best features will ultimately elevate your look to a level of timeless glamour. So, embrace these tips, stay fashion-forward, and exude style with confidence.

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