Is Your Cash Going up in Smoke? The Financial Benefits of Vaping

With us all frantically penny pinching, budgeting and keeping fingers and toes crossed that the financial slump our country has found itself in will soon end, we often find that the first casualty of our household budget cuts are our beloved luxuries.

With both the cost of tobacco cigarettes and our awareness of the negative health implications they carry rapidly rising, it might be time for you to consider an alternative.

With the average smoker getting through 14 tobacco cigarettes per day (that’s 98 per week!) that means that a massive £37.00 per week from your household income is going up in nasty tar filled smoke. You may be looking for a way to give up carcinogenic tobacco cigarettes, but without the difficult nicotine withdrawals; in which case electronic cigarettes are definitely for you.

Making the switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes  is the obvious wise choice for your health, but few realise that there are substantial financial benefits too.

If you are new to the world of e-cigs, the principle is simple. E-cigs can look similar to a conventional tobacco cigarette complete with glowing tip, or like a stylish pen, depending on your preference and desire to ether simulate tobacco smoking or disguise it! E-cigs use a rechargeable battery to power a heating element to generate the heat that will turn your nicotine e-liquid into an inhalable vapour. The e-liquid will commonly have three major components: An agent to produce the vapour, nicotine, and flavourings.  The agents used to produce the vapour will be Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG) or a blend of both. The act of inhaling the vapour into your lungs will deliver the nicotine in the same way that a tobacco cigarette would.

A starter kit for electronic cigarettes can cost as little as £19.00, less than the cost of a week’s worth of tobacco cigarettes, with the components totally re-useable. Or choose a disposable electronic cigarette for around £4.99, which will last the time equivalent to smoking 30 tobacco cigarettes.

For your re-fillable e-cig, you will need either e-liquid or cartridges. A cartridge is probably a good choice for a novice as it does not require messy filling. A pre-filled cartridge or a cartomiser can equal as many as 40 cigarettes but costing only £10, costs considerably less.

For the e-cig connoisseur who prefers to control the strength or enjoy a flavoured vape, a wide variety of choice awaits. E-liquids come in a huge variety of tobacco and fruit flavours as well as strength and mix of vapour agent which will vary the type of vape you desire. The e-liquid also works out as the most affordable way to vape with 10ml of e-liquid setting you back around £5.00 and lasting around 2 weeks, depending on how much you vape.

Whatever motive you may have for ditching the tobacco cigs and switching to electronic, the money in your pocket will be a welcome side effect….much nicer than a hacking cough anyway.

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