How You can Literally Fund your Holiday on a Shoestring

Having a holiday on a shoestring is never going to be top fun – always watching what you’re spending is a pain. Avoiding that delectable-looking restaurant because of the cost, having to miss out on that extra cocktail, passing on that once-in-a -lifetime experience or unforgettable view due to the ticket price . . . and so on.

However, you can turn a holiday from a trip on a shoestring to a trip that’s funded (at least in part) by your old shoestrings. And additionally, finding options for Cheap Holidays can make it easier for you to figure out how to finance your much-needed vacation. That said, there are simple and effective ways available on the Internet to turn your old clothing clutter into instant and easy cash. So let’s look at some of these options.

Sorting the ritzy from the rags

When people start packing, they usually find themselves drawn to their favourite clothing. In some cases, they might even buy new harem pants canada (if that is where they live) or other pieces of clothing just to look their best on vacation. This is an opportunity to get dressed up in your finest and hit all the best bars, restaurants and beaches your holiday destination has to offer.

Before you take that flight, you’re going to find yourself sorting through your drawers and wardrobes anyway. You’ll sort through all the tat you haven’t got around to throwing away and discovered unworn items you wouldn’t be seen dead in. But don’t just chuck out the stuff you no longer want to wear; by having this pre-packing clear out, you’ve uncovered an opportunity to make yourself some extra holiday money.

Clutter for cash

By going online and selling clothes for cash, you can clear a little space and make money for your trip. It’s a far better idea than leaving it crumpled at the back of the wardrobe and much better for the environment than chucking it out on the rubbish heap.

You’ll also allow someone else to enjoy it. Maybe it wasn’t to your taste, but it could be another person’s gem.

These sites allow you to simply have your items of clothing valued before you send them, and the actual sale of your clothing managed for you. It’s much better than having to manage your own sales like you do on the auction sites. You get your money and your extra space hassle free.

Also, if you want to earn extra cash, you can always sell your books and some other items, the online selling business is growing rapidly, you can clear some space, sell unwanted items and earn some cash. is designed to help you sell your books, games, CDs, DVDs.

Whether you have books gathering dust on shelves or electronics tucked away in drawers, decluttering your space and selling unwanted items can not only earn you extra cash but also create a sense of liberation. By embracing the simplicity and convenience of online selling, you can unlock hidden value in your possessions while funding your holiday adventures. If you decide to sell something, click Ziffit and get extra 15% on your trades.

The added bonus

It’s likely that you’re going to have plenty of time to shop while you’re away. Whether you’re perusing the beachside market stalls, or spoiling yourself on the likes of Rodeo Drive, you’re going to have plenty space to fill when you get home. You’ll also have the extra spending money to kill any of those pangs of guilt.

By selling old clothes online, you’re just completing the rotation – old clothes out and new clothes in. Or if it’s not new clothes you’re after, simply enjoy your holiday experience safe in the knowledge you have that little extra cash to play with.

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