How to stop spam calls and texts

For some countries, take the United Kingdom UK for instance, companies or firms can actually get sued and fined up to £ 2,000,000 if they make phone calls to people who have stated that they do not want these calls.

So how do you stop spam calls? Simple, just join the TPS register (telephone preference service) by calling 0800 398 893 or visiting their online page and it will take approximately two fortnights for it to be affective and calls to stop going through to you.


This however, will not stop all the annoying calls since some of them are from random number generators. Such numbers should just be written down and reported to the respective regulator for them to be blocked. Which is free, so never be swayed to pay for the calls to be blocked and never at any time dish out your personal details for the registration to be completed.
Then there are the silent calls, form call centers, to stop them, users need to register and renew their registration with the Silent Call-Guard service every twelve months. This reduces the number of silent calls you will be getting because it adds your number to the database telemarketing companies use but if the calls still continue, kindly just file your complaints to Ofcom by following the following simple steps.first, dial 1471, see if you can get the number.If withheld, write down the date and time of that call and then notify your carrier’s nuisance call department.File a complaint to Ofcom online for any legal procedures.
How to stop unwanted mail
For addressed mail through the post, kindly join the MPS (Mail Preference Service) register by calling 0845 703 4599 or by taking the easiest and cheapest way, MPS online. This will take about four months for it to be fully effective, but before then, you will notice the number of mail you receive will reduce.
For unaddressed leaflets, flyers and mail, this is a little trickier since the mail delivery system will not know with items are needed and which items are not. But you can opt out by sending an email to:
Email: and they will reply to that mail with the form to opt out.
Stop receiving the annoying calls & mail to loved ones that have passed away by registering for the BR (Bereavement Register) and DPS (Deceases Preference service.) and as for calls, just register the number online with TPS but for marketing calls, just ask the company to remove the number from the list.
How to stop unwanted texts from the dodgy companies by reporting them and this will indeed stop the number of unwanted texts you will get from them.
Stopping spam emails, sadly enough, there isn’t a solution to that yet but the best way to go about them is by using the tools already provided by the e-mail providers such as the spam filters. Some antivirus software also come equipped with ‘e-mail washing’ programs that can be used to filter the spam which are not always useless.

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