How to save money on your food shopping

When it comes time to going food shopping, you want to save as much money as you can while getting good deals on items that you use regularly.

If you are like most people, you want to save money on things like your food bill yet still get good value for the money you are spending. This is why you need to do a few things when it comes to shopping for food to save as much money as possible.

Make a Food Budget

Take a piece of paper or a spreadsheet on your computer and create a food budget. Write down the things you buy in one column, the things you really need in another column and the things you don’t necessarily need in another column. In the last column, add up the things you buy and see what you get. Then subtract those things you don’t need and see what you get. Finally, tally up the things you need and see what this adds up to. Use this to decide how you are going to shop from now on.

Buy Generic for Less Money

Instead of always buying name brand food items, try buying generic instead. The generic brands tend to taste the same but are a lot cheaper than the name brand food items. If you don’t want the cheapest possible because you think it won’t taste as good, try going for something a little more expensive and see how you like it. You will still save money when buying the food you need.

Use Coupons and Check Sales Prices

Coupons are everywhere. They are not just in your newspaper anymore. You can get them online and download and print them out to use when going grocery shopping. Try using coupons for foods you normally buy so you can get the lowest price possible. You can also check out the sales prices. For example, some grocery stores offer a buy one get one free deal or a 10 for $10 deal. You can also save money when going shopping at certain times of the day. Try to find out when your favorite grocery store lowers their prices and go food shopping at these times.

Change Supermarkets

You might have a favorite supermarket you visit often but changing supermarkets might benefit you with saving money on your food bill. Some supermarkets offer the same thing your favorite grocery store does but at a discount price.

Avoid Temptation

There are a few tricks when going food shopping to lower your budget. First, eat before you go so you don’t buy something just because you are hungry. When going food shopping on an empty stomach, you could end up spending more money than what you planned on spending. Also, avoid the temptation at the cash register. When it is time to check out your food items, they usually have candy bars, chips and other goodies by the counter. Avoid the temptation of buying these items when cashing out so you won’t spend more.

If you go by these rules every time you shop for food, you will be surprised by how much money you will save every week or month.

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