How to save money on your energy bills

At home, you spend the majority of your household budget on energy bills. It’s just what happens. But you can do some things to ensure that the costs are reduced as much as possible. One option could be to explore heating suppliers, you could do this by searching terms similar to Suffolk County, NY heating oil or Heating suppliers in my local area. Alternatively, you could simply try to reduce your time using each appliance in your house. Kitchen appliances are used almost daily so trimming a little fat from each should build up to a healthier energy bill. Most of these tips can be done immediately, whilst some require you to ‘speculate to accumulate.

1. Wash only when necessary

A lot of people usually don’t take full advantage of their washing machine to trim the budget fat. Washing machines often use a lot of energy, so by only using them for full loads instead of half loads, you can ease your household usage. If you are buying a new machine, you can look for an ongoing Whiteware Sales to get a washing machine at a low price. You may want to buy a washing machine that would be rated as ‘A+’ for energy or above. That + means you can save around 10% energy on a cleaning cycle.

  1. . 2 Take advantage of the dishwasher

If you already have one, a dishwasher can be your best friend. If you don’t, it might be wise to invest in one. It’s much more efficient compared to hand washing, using up to 80% less water and only a third of the heating energy compared to manual cleaning. Again, try to wait until the dishwasher is full to minimise energy costs.

  1. 3 Induction Cooking is the future

Being around 80% more efficient compared to gas hobs, an induction cooking hob is going to save money, time, and effort, all at the same time. It works by creating a magnetic field so the pan is the actual heating element. This means faster heating, and less energy is spent.

  1. 4. Get the right size for your needs

If you have an 8kg washing machine and there are only two of you, then you’ll be using (and wasting) a lot of water if you only need to clean a few items. A couple would be better suited to buying a 6kg machine, whilst a large family (maybe 4 or more) would benefit from a 9kg machine. The same goes for fridges and freezers. Choosing the correct size for your household is paramount in keeping running costs to a minimum.

  1. 4. Get your electrical panels inspected

In the case that you would want to cut down on electricity bills, apart from the ones mentioned above, you could also get the electrical panel and wiring of your house checked by a certified electrician (such as electrician st kilda, or similar others) who could give you a clear picture of what is eating up at your electricity consumption. Taking steps to maintain your panels and wiring, could go a long way and save you from incurring hefty costs in the future.

Of course, every home has different needs, but by being more aware of those needs, you can reduce costs little by little, making life (and the bank account) a little rosier.

Halit Bozdogan works as a writer for Appliances Online, the UK’s best online white goods retailer.

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