How to Have an Elegant Outdoor Wedding with a Small Budget

“I do”. These two words are perhaps the most important words someone will ever say, as they stand in front of family and friends on a breezy summer day, with white lilies in the background and glistening petals on the aisle. For parents, it’s the most second most awaited words of their son or daughter, after “mom” or “dad”.

For most brides and grooms to be, weddings mean business. With the hope of that “fantasy element” inspired from books and movies, young brides hope for a dream wedding. In the wedding business, however, what you should really aim at is maintaining the elegance and beauty of the ceremony itself, rather than focusing entirely on the ‘grand’ part. Smaller outdoor wedding functions can also look beautiful and classy because they highlight the cosiness and intimacy of the marriage itself. For those of you who are looking to tie the knot and are worrying about the budgeting of it, read along these budgeting tips to have the wedding of your dreams in a minimal budget.

The Season and Venue

If you are looking to cut costs, try booking for a venue a little before summertime. For instance, April is a good time to look for appropriate venues. The flower market also has a season, so bear that in mind too. By tweaking the wedding dates a bit, you can cut a fortune on venue costs for the big day. For an intimate function, keep your guest list to a minimum, where you include just close family members and friends, so that the venue you chose does not cost you a fortune. Some cities and towns rent out parks for smaller weddings, at very affordable costs. Coastal areas have the option of a beach setting for the big day, which is also not as expensive as renting a 4-5 star hotel.

The Flowers

Most couples spend a fortune on the décor; be it flowers, lighting, outdoor settings, candles, centre pieces etc. When it comes to budgeting, it is a good idea to involve your friends and family in the décor process. According to Deb McCoy, president of the American Academy of Wedding Professionals, people actually end up paying more for the labour cost of the flower arrangements than the flowers themselves. If your budget is tight, buy your favourite flowers but take help from your friends and family to do them in an attractive arrangement.

Other Décor Elements

Outdoor weddings are also dominated with the sort of furniture elements for guests. Bear in mind that keeping it simple will do the trick. Rent a set of foldable seats and tables, and decorate them with style. What you can do is to actually go for places and garage sales that sell used furniture pieces. And why not add your own house furniture? You can always replace the home furniture with new designs such as living room design ideas or kitchen designs. Add a taste of new into your future newlywed life. Plus, custom made furniture designs tend to cost less and fit better with the entire setting and room space.

Back to decor planning: you can always brighten up the wedding space with lively coloured cushions, elegant candles and candle stands, and classy white table cloths.

Menus and Food Choices

It is also a good idea to go for lunch menus compared to dinner because caterers tend to give you a low cost estimate for the first. If you are confident in your cooking skills, you can also use that new kitchen setting mentioned a while back. Even if you do not own the latest kitchen designs, try to at least invest (as a pre-wedding gift) into a new generation oven. Here are some trademark suggestions: Sub Zero, Wolf or Miele – these are built in kitchen appliances that can definitely help you prepare the healthiest most appetising snacks for guests. You can also bake your grandma’s secret apple pie recipe or other delicious desserts using summer fresh fruits from the market. And since we are mentioning fruits, make sure to have plenty of them for your guests.

Dress, Suits and Accessories

When you are on a budget, forget about high street designers and focus on getting a wedding outfit that works its magic at a low cost. Ladies, if you don’t want to go for a rental, go for a simple dress. With a simple dress, you can accessorise effectively to stand out from the crowd and look as elegant as ever. And men, there are also budget options for your wedding outfit. You just have to search the right web or the right store.

By the end of the evening you can also light lanterns that flow above the neatly done outdoor drapes, to give your wedding that grand effect. All in all, having a wedding on a budget is not a fairytale, but rather it is reality.

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