How to Get Cashback and Save Money on Losing Bets at Bookmakers and Casinos

You’re probably thinking that there’s no chance in hell of getting any money back from a casino or bookmaker – and you’d be wrong!  In fact, it’s so easy even a 5 year old could do it – not that i’m suggesting 5 year olds should be gambling!

Strictly speaking it’s not the actual casino or bookmaker giving you the money back. The way this works is by using a third party cashback site such as Cashbacker ( It’s very much the same model that traditional cashback sites use – you find a deal on their site, click through to the merchant, make a purchase, and then the cashback site gets paid a commission which they pass on back to you.

I won’t go into too much detail about how to get started as there’s plenty of information on the website, but before you do launch into it it’s important to understand the ways in which this system can benefit you so you can use it to your full advantage.

Save money every time you bet

The first benefit of using this kind of cashback system is by saving you money every time you bet.

Let’s say you spend £100 a month on sports betting, or at an online casino. Sometimes you win, and that’s great (otherwise what would be the point?!), but sometimes you lose and that’s just something we have to accept. However, if you’ve gone through a cashback site then you’ll get paid cashback based on whatever you spend. So based on a £100 loss with a 20% cashback deal, you’ll be getting £20 back – total loss now only £80.

Ok, so casinos and bookmakers themselves often have free bet offers and promotions offering cashback or other incentives, but they’ll always have some terms and conditions attached to them making it almost impossible to actually get anything back from them. Examples include wagering requirements on bonuses where you have to wager 35 times the bonus before you can withdraw any winnings from it, or free bet offers which can only be used on outcomes with minimum specified odds. In both cases the chances are you’ll lose the bonus or free bet, or even if you win you’ll have to keep playing to fulfil the wagering requirements to the point where you’ve spent your winnings.

Going through a third party cashback site like Cashbacker means you’ll get paid your cashback in real cash straight into your bank account leaving you free to do whatever you want with it, so it makes absolutely no sense not to.

Get extra gameplay and free bets with no terms attached

As mentioned above, any offer you receive from a bookmaker or casino is likely to have terms attached to it making it nearly impossible to ever make any money or win anything from them. Their sole intention is to get you back to their site in the hope you’ll spend more of your hard earned cash.

However, if you’ve received cashback via a third party then there are no such terms attached. The money is yours to do what you want with it, and if you’ve not already guessed, that includes placing more bets in effect for free.

Let me explain – you spend £100 and you get £20 cashback. That means you have an extra £20 which you wouldn’t have unless you went via the cashback site.  Now i’m not saying you have to, but you could use this extra £20 to place more bets in the hope that this time you’ll win something. If you don’t, then nothing lost (the £20 was free anyway), but if you win, then you’ve bagged yourself a nice little profit which you wouldn’t be enjoying if it weren’t for this post 🙂

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