How to Feed your Family on a Tight Budget

If your aim is to reduce your outgoings throughout 2013, you might have already switched to a low interest rate credit card or reassessed your utility bills – but have you thought about your weekly shop? Groceries and snacks can set you back a significant amount per month (particularly if you have a large family), so it’s a good idea to cut corners whenever you can.

Avoid buying more than you need

Supermarkets are very clever at making us overspend. Tasty treats are placed by the tills to tempt us, expensive goods are positioned at eye-level to catch our attention and popular goods are spread out throughout the store to make us pass other goodies. All of this is done on purpose, so why not write a list of what you need and stick to it? This could save you a fortune and stop you being drawn in my all the attractive products that are on sale these days.

Buy in bulk

One of the best ways to keep your cupboards stocked is to bulk buy. Using a supermarket comparison site will help you find the best prices for groceries you normally purchase. Large tins of tuna, three-kilogram bags of pasta and multi-packs of beans are often cheaper than singular items and should feed your family for a while. If the items are too heavy for you to carry, consider ordering online as this will save your back and your fuel costs at the same time. There might be a small delivery fee, but it should be worth it if you have a busy schedule and plenty of grub to buy. As you’ll need to pay electronically, it might be worth making a credit card comparison in advance and choosing one with minimal interest and charges.

Don’t be afraid of basic items

Do words like quality, luxury or premium make you want to buy? If so, you’re one of many shoppers that get fooled by supermarket terminology. Retailers often use language to make their expensive items look better than cheaper brands, but this isn’t always the case. Once you get past the brand names, fancy writing and top-quality packaging, you might find the tastier item costs less. Not convinced? Then try the test for yourself! Buy something that’s considered top-notch and compare it with a less pricey alternative.

Make the most of apps

While coupons and vouchers are still available in newspapers and magazines, you can make great savings by downloading a shopping app. They’re easy to use and could help you find the best deals and discounts in your area – helping you to save money. With Shop Scan Save, for instance, you can enjoy great price reductions so long as the store has a PayPoint machine. Similarly, by scanning your receipt, Shopitize will give you up to 50 per cent cashback on many supermarket brands, which in their words empowers savvy shoppers.

Food shopping can leave a large dent in your bank balance, but these few tips should help you out.

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