How to Budget for Your Holiday

We’re right in the middle of the traditional summer holiday season and plenty of families, couples, groups of friends and individuals are booking their last-minute deals away.

It’s also a great time to book holidays for the low season – going abroad during the winter can save a fair amount of cash and can give you access to beautiful destinations with far fewer tourists around. For instance, if you want to experience Iceland in the wintertime you can find out here how to do that and get an authentic experience when you are on vacation.

Whichever kind of holiday you’re looking to book, there are loads of ways you can save cash on your booking on everything from finding cheap flights to sourcing quality hotels at bargain prices. To help you work out the best ways to book your holiday on a budget we’ve come up with some top tips to guarantee you don’t waste a penny – and you get the holiday of your dreams!

Get in there and start planning

As with all good things in life, it’s all in the planning – and the earlier the better. Holidays for families, whether UK or abroad, are rarely cheap without the booker going to a fair amount of trouble to research all possible options. The sooner you start looking around and weighing up destinations and resorts, the higher the chance you’ll have of bagging the perfect break for less cash.

Sort out your budget

In order to work out how much you can realistically set aside for your holiday, whether it’s with your family or with your partner, you really need to budget. By working out where you can save every month, you’ll be able to gauge how much you can afford to spend on a vacation. For accommodation you may want to consider options such as a timeshare, as in the long run they can sometimes save money, however, it could be advised that you also seek out advice from some timeshare exit companies or a property lawyer beforehand as these can be tight contracts to get out of.

Consider a separate savings account

Setting up a new account may seem like overkill, but it could be the only way you get to go on the holiday you really want. By opening an account and siphoning off as much as possible every month then you will be able to see it grow and won’t be able to just skip a month of saving.

Save as a family
There are loads of ways to save on bills at home – get the family together and work out ways you can save, everything from switching lights off and not wasting electricity to shopping more carefully for food can make a big difference to your savings. And if it’s for the end result of a holiday, the chances are it won’t be too difficult to get the whole family on board!

Use the internet wisely
These days there are invaluable resources online to help you find the best value, most ‘you’ destinations. Use forums like Thorntree and Lonely Planet to see what other people are saying about your shortlisted destinations. This will help you narrow down your options and reassure you that you’re not wasting your cash.

Shop around – a lot
You can’t underestimate the benefits that can be gained from shopping around when it comes to booking flights, hotels, resorts, and activities when you’re out there. It’s seriously worth doing.

Consider a staycation

If you’re seriously skint and there is no way you can take the family off for two weeks in Tenerife, then try some of the savings tips above to gather enough cash together to make a brilliant staycation at home instead. Although you need a to-do list such as getting air conditioning units serviced or fixed if you live in a predominantly hot area, this is easy to do by contacting an AC Company in Ormond Beach, FL, and various other regions. Also, checking fridge freezers and various other housing chores that you’ve been avoiding throughout the winter! The best thing about a staycation is that you can still go for family outings, go on picnics, have movie nights, and wander around free museums – and there’s a lot to be said for sleeping in your own bed at the end of every day!

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