How to be a Great Online Seller?

If you find some items you want to sell then follow the tips and tricks to sell them for the best price, with an honest description, great photos and efficient postage arrangements. Good luck!


Packaging can leave a lasting impression in the minds of your clientele. So, you’d want to see that the packaging you offer your products in is standard. In fact, you should consider taking the sustainable approach and look at Cameo Metal Products or a similar supplier. This will enable your customers to reuse your packaging for different purposes, making it unique.

Also, it is essential to keep your item safe and waterproof while shipping, along with being reasonably priced and accurately labelled. These could help you make your product more successful. Say that you are into the business of selling hats. While your first priority should always be sourcing sturdy and moisture-resistant packaging solutions, you should not overlook the packaging’s appearance. Look for an option that strikes the right balance between the two — think striped Liquiguard cardboard hat boxes from firms similar to Packaging Chimp.

To secure your hats further, make use of bubble wrap with fillers (a tried and tested method). To ensure that the package does not open midway, you can use adhesives like fugitive glue, latex gum, peel, and seal glue (you can check out a blog link to learn more about sealants for packaging). You could additionally pack the box in colourful wraps, and cute paper bags and send some personalized gifts like handwritten ‘Thankyou’ postcards, stickers, chocolates, etc., with the purchased item.

The best parcel I ever received was in a bright pink jiffy bag, and I always remember that seller because of that, so go out of the way to be extraordinary, and buyers will return. For guidance on price, look at similar items to yours along with postage company websites such as u-ship. Such facilities can deliver items much more efficiently than the postal service, and there is no risk of the item getting damaged in transit.

That being said, you would probably need to secure advance funding for your online store in order to offer the best quality products with creative packaging. If you are an Amazon seller, consider looking at a loan for amazon sellers to see if that will suit your needs. Securing advance funds can help you maintain your quality, provide a good packaging experience and keep your inventory stocked up.


Writing an accurate description with as much detail as you can possibly supply will make the buyer feel even more confident to buy with you. Can you include any extra details that you feel a buyer should know? It always helps to put yourself in their position and consider what you would like to know if you were looking for the item you are selling. If there is any damage then be honest and tell them, as it will be a hassle for them to return the item due to damage you haven’t declared. The same applies to branded items, if you have the original tags or authenticity proof then include images.


Take some time over these as they are proven to sell your item more than any of the text that appears on the items page. If what you’re selling is dirty, creased or photographed in a space without any light then who do you expect to buy it, however much of a bargain it may be? Clean it so it can be used as soon as the buyer receives it, and you won’t go far wrong. Be creative and use a backdrop that will complement the item. Always hang clothing as it shows how it will look on a person, more than just laid on a table. It may also be useful to see photos of the washing instructions as well as the materials the item is made from or contains. This is essential with people having allergies meaning they may buy the item and then not be able to wear it.

Be Reasonable!

Overall, being human and reasonable online is all people can expect. List your items at a reasonable price given the condition, age and original value and give the option of an auction or buy it now price so people can purchase more immediately. Encourage questions in the text you write as well as whether the items are from a home with pets, smokers etc. Going back to an earlier point, just be honest!

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