How Pro Gamblers Place Their Bets

It’s perhaps some sage advice that professional gamblers give those who are more of the casual betting ilk and are perhaps contemplating making the leap from being budding pro gamblers to doing it full time, that being how it probably isn’t something you want to do forever. By professional gambler I’m referring to those who specifically make their money through the betting itself and not those who have “diversified” in a sense to explore other income-generating avenues that have to do with gambling, like selling betting strategies, etc.

But what exactly differentiates casual and leisure gamblers from those who are more serious about it, such as semi-pro and pro gamblers? It’s in the way through which they place their bets and by no means does this guarantee that you’re going to be in for any sure-fire winnings. It’s just a matter of shining a spotlight on how those who are a little more serious about what they’re doing do it, as far as placing bets and gambling.

They’re not REALLY gambling

The meaning of what gambling is as is applicable to the bets placed by a pro gambler isn’t really gambling in the true sense. In other words, they’re not relying on blind luck to be in for the possibility of amassing some winnings. Sure, if the bet pays off earlier on in what is really a reconnaissance-type betting run, they’ll take the winnings and revel in what is clearly some luck they had, but that’s not the point initially. Initially, the point is to get a feel for the game they’re betting on in terms of how much it has the potential of paying, whether there are progressive jackpots (if other players are contributing to a growing pot), and whether or not the betting platform adheres to the fundamental principles of mathematical statistics.

It’s not uncommon to find a pro gambler looking like they’re really bored in placing the smallest possible betting values as they sit through spin after spin…

Using “free money”

Online casinos on which pro gamblers and leisure gamblers alike can bet are a dime a dozen, so some popular franchises like 777 Casino apply some clever marketing tactics to draw players onto their platforms specifically. What they do is basically offer some of their regular gamers what is effectively free money in addition to the regular practice of offering this free money to new gamers.

So whereas you would have previously received a one-time signup bonus, on platforms such as these you even get a second and third deposit bonus and the figure increases each time.

Pro gamblers particularly use what is effectively this “free” money in bonus credits to go big with their calculated bets. When the statistical fundamentals indicate the coming around of the best chance to win, they place bigger bets which have the potential to pay out really big!