How Can You Protect Your Home?

Burglary is an issue that can affect anyone. Theft is an issue that occurs in major cities, but you can become a victim to this crime if you live in a town or small village, too. There are plenty of opportunist thieves scanning new locations looking for a new place to raid. The best way to protect your home and belongings is by taking steps that will make it more difficult for any burglars to get in.

Draw a Plan of Your Home

Begin by drawing the layout of your home. Mark off all the possible points of entry to your house so you’re aware of all the possible points that a burglar can use to get in. This is an excellent way for you to discover how vulnerable your house is, and it will make you more aware of good practices.

Start in the Garden

Deterring intruders begins in the garden and any outside space you have. The front garden needs to be kept tidy and well maintained, potentially looking at illinois trugreen branches, or branches nearer to your home to keep the area consistently neat. Trimming the bushes and shrubs will stop intruders from using them to hide behind. Add a gate that shuts properly, but avoid using ones made from solid wood or wooden slats.

Wooden gates are easy to climb, and they won’t deter any criminal who is interested in getting inside your property lines. A solid gate is also useful for burglars as they can hide behind them and avoid being seen from the road. The best deterrent is an ornate wrought iron gate. They aren’t as easy to climb, and they can be seen through plus if you get an electronic gate control system it adds an extra level of sophistication that deters burglars because they can see that you are willing to protect your home to a very high level. If you have a back garden gate, add two locks for additional security.

Secure Doors and Windows

Always keep your doors locked when you go out, and even when you’re in your home. It’s also important that you secure your windows as they are often used by burglars as an entry or exit route. Don’t leave your windows open if you’re not in the room, and install appropriate locks on all windows in the home.

Avoid leaving any valuables such as your bag, wallet, or keys on the windowsill as they will be seen as easy targets. Finally, make sure that all the windows on the lower floors are made difficult to get into. Add lots of cheap ornaments on the windowsills so they will make a lot of noise if knocked off by an intruder. It’s also worth moving any large bushes or trees that are close to any windows in your home as they can be used to hide behind or climb on to gain access. If you can afford to upgrade your windows, choose toughened glass companies (similar to Riot Glass – Unbreakable Glass), as they can provide you with the type of glass that is much harder to break.

Always Protect Your Home With Insurance

Household insurance is essential. You need it to protect your goods so that, if your home is robbed, you’ll be able to replace your lost items. Shop around for a great deal, but don’t only use comparison sites. Not all providers allow their information to be placed on comparison sites, and you can miss out on the very best policies at great prices. Learn more by visiting

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