How Best to Connect with your Target Audience

Even in this increasingly digital age where lots of activities are conducted over the internet, it’s important for organizations to interact with their target audience in a direct and personal manner. For example, some may decide to promote their products or services by offering a personalized discount to a particular audience. Students or health workers are common choices, and now many businesses are seeing the opportunity to target a military audience. It is easier than ever to receive military verification which ensures that offers aren’t being abused by non-miliary personnel. Doing something like this is an effective way to establish positive business relationships.

Although many goods and services can be bought online these days, you should remember that not everybody is glued to a computer or smartphone for every second of the day, so it’s worth having a comprehensive offline promotional strategy.

There are many advertising methods that fall under this banner – among them radio adverts, TV commercials and street billboards – and while each of these has their merits, the distribution of promotional products is one of the most effective.

Research by the British Promotional Merchandise Association backs this up, showing 56 per cent of people have a more favourable opinion of a company that has given them a promotional gift.

There are plenty of promotional items that can be used as part of an offline marketing campaign. In these times, promotional medical items are at its surge. The pandemic situation has influenced the companies to give away medical products like sanitisers and masks as their part of promotion. Additionally, such a practice helps in spreading awareness among the employees and thus taking necessary precautions. Many companies like 1525, are now coming up with similar promotional ideas in the present scenario. Furthermore, your product selection criteria should be centred around your budget and the needs and interests of your target audience, but it can be a good idea to go for something a little bit quirky that will be memorable.

Whether this is a brightly-coloured pen or a stress ball in an unusual shape, these items will ensure your business resonates in the minds of recipients and give them the incentive to contact your business in the future. You can find out more about the wide range of promotional gifts that can be used to target businesses directly, which includes pens and mugs, by clicking here.

For added impact, how about distributing promotional items in person? While personalising emails and letters are certainly two ways to give your promotional efforts a personal touch, there’s little that can top actually interacting with potential and existing clients face-to-face.

Interacting with a target audience in this manner has proven effective for businesses over many years – you’re no doubt aware of the saying that the old ways are the best and, in this case, it really is true! Distributing promotional items to potential clients at the end of a meeting can ensure your business’s name sticks firmly in their minds – as well as be used as a ‘thank you’ for taking up their time.

Do you run a business or organisation that interacts with their customer base face-to-face? Have you used promotional merchandise to support your marketing efforts? If so, we’d love to hear from you – please leave a comment below!

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