Good Business: Use Online Tools to Research Competitors

Most businesses would jump at the chance to improve their performance and better understand their competition, yet many companies simply don’t realize it can be done with the help of online tools a few clicks away. Being able to see how they can use Cognos to Power BI migration will help businesses better assess where they are going and how they can support themselves. Competitive Intelligence, or CI, is a growing field in the UK – a practice that emphasises the importance of businesses knowing and understanding their competition in order to better take advantage of openings in the marketplace, gain ideas, improve their own performance and position themselves for future growth. There is also a growth in seo competitive intelligence which uses competitive intelligence to optimize a companies search engine results. So often, small businesses miss opportunities that – had they been doing their Competitive Intelligence all along – would have been obvious. But by doing a simple and free web check, business owners and entrepreneurs can begin their own CI programme today.

There, businesses can search for specific companies and find:

  • Company histories
  • Company-specific financial reports
  • Board members and key players in each company
  • Legal actions companies have been involved in
  • Set up monitoring reports on specific companies and receive alerts when new information is posted or obtained

This information is wholly ethical and, in fact, is held as a matter of public record, gathered by the UK government and available to the public in an easily accessible form from websites such as Duedil.

Many companies looking to partner with another business, or use another business as a supplier, might also feel better if they can get a background check for the employees of the companies they are hiring or partnering with in order to ensure their decision is a sound one and will not endanger their investment.

See how this information can be of use to you with a free introductory search: begin your search for companies at Duedil today and learn how Competitive Intelligence can make a positive difference in how you do business.

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