Go Big or Stay Home – Playing the International Lotteries

Well, you’d be right in pointing out that the popular saying goes “Go big or go home” as opposed to “Go big or stay home,” but we’re switching things up a bit to make a case in point. The point is simply that a much bigger world of potential winnings awaits those lottery hopefuls who look beyond their local lotteries for their shot at the big time. Simply put, no matter where you’re located and how many people buy local or national lottery tickets, it can never really match up to the typical cross-border lotteries from all around the world.

This applies even to countries where the lottery is operated on somewhat of a national level. If you stay local – if you stay “home” you only give yourself a chance to win what is a comparatively small pot.

The need to discuss this topic largely stems from the fallacy many lottery hopefuls hold on to, that being that there are fewer people participating in local lotteries, therefore there is an average-sized fish-in-a-small-pond association. The reality couldn’t be more different, however.

Sure, the size of the jackpot offered by any lottery is directly dependent on how many people actually play it, but what’s important here are the odds of winning you have. The odds remain exactly the same regardless of how many people buy a ticket and in so doing subsequently add to the jackpot – if in your local lottery you have to choose six numbers out of a set of 1-49 for example and the same applies to an international lottery, your odds of winning are exactly the same.

The difference then shines the spotlight back on the size of the jackpot, in which case the international lottery enjoys a mega advantage over any local lottery since players from all over the world participate. Betting is also completed much quicker since it’s all done online, so no waiting in line with your physical lottery ticket in hand, filled out by hand to be run through the lottery register, and have your official wager slip printed out.

Worldwide lottery jackpots are mind-blowing by way of the size, but again, if one is to emphasise the fact that the odds of winning remain the same, it only makes sense to at least take a chance with the international lotteries alongside betting on local lotteries if you insist on keeping it local. It’s definitely understandable why you’d want to keep a portion of your lottery betting local since national lotteries are often involved in a lot of charitable work. But then again if you’re buying a lottery ticket, say on the Web using VA Lottery Promo Code for special bonuses, you’re in it to win it, are you not?

The likes of the Megamillions and Powerball in particular draw the patronage of entrants from all corners of the globe, which is why it’s uncommon to see official jackpots that dip below the $100 million mark. Don’t miss out on your chance to walk away with a life-changing amount of money – even sports bettors subscribe to the “If you don’t buy the ticket, you can never win” motto.

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