When Gambling Becomes an Addiction – True Story

We all know that gambling is can become addictive and we are warned all the time by the industry and government that we need to keep tabs on what we spend when we are gambling.

A little flurry now and again doesn’t do anyone any harm, but when that flurry becomes putting your entire life savings into a bingo site and losing it all – you know you have a problem.

My name is Anna Hall, and that is exactly what happened to me. After years of living a relatively simple life; a mother to 3 great children, a wife and a small business owner – I discovered the online world of bingo sites. Ultimately, I ended up losing my job, having to sell my home quickly to cover some of the debt and almost facing divorce – however quick sale company Ready Steady Sell helped me out the mess.

How it started.

The bingo was how it started, and the slots are where it all ended! I started off playing just £15 per week, a relatively small amount into the online bingo. With great bonus and a few nice wins, I was fairly convinced that I had a ‘knack’ for gambling, and started upping my stakes.

Before long I was starting to see some big wins; we went on lovely family holidays, we enjoyed some luxury home improvements like our new kitchen composite worktops (which were very expensive) and a lovely new car.

However, this didn’t last and before long the wins were turning to losses. When I discussed this with my husband, we both decided that I should give up gambling for good. For three months I did this, I went cold turkey.

Then after three months (and 3 glasses of wine), one evening when my husband was out at work I decided to have a little gamble. This little gamble ended up with me putting £3000 into the online slots, and losing.

This was our savings, and we didn’t have anything else. I didn’t know how to tell my husband. When I did he was fuming, and walked out on me. That same day he lost his job, and was about to tell me this! Our whole world was on the brink of collapse.

Sorting our differences and stopping the gambling.

Myself and my husband managed to put everything behind us, and although we can’t say we now ‘laugh about it’, we do see eye to eye over what happened.

My husband got a new job, we got a new home and we are happy.

My tips for anyone who plays online gambling are as follows: –

  1. Don’t go over your budget. Set a monthly spend with the bingo company and don’t allow yourself to go over this.
  2. Talk to your partner. Don’t hide your addiction or it will get worse.
  3. Don’t drink and gamble. Alcohol fuels your spending carelessness.

Remember, gambling is very addictive and my advice is to stay away from it unless you can fully control yourself.

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