Free Money Making Ideas that Don’t Require Lots of Experience

You don’t have to be a seasoned professional to make money – all you need, in fact, is a computer and an internet connection. Here are some ways you can make money with minimal experience and rewarding return.

1. Sell your stuff online

If you have a number of things in storage or lying around in your home, you can make money simply by getting rid of them. The digital equivalent of the car boot sale, sites like eBay and Amazon allow you to list your item, name a price, and wait for a buyer. It’s easy and requires minimal effort. It’s also the perfect excuse to do that major clear out you’ve been putting off.

2. Play games online

You may not be an expert poker player, but there are other ways to make money from cyber gambling. Online bingo is a fun, easy way to cash in on playing a game – and one that doesn’t require much experience. Remember, when you choose a new game, you can take advantage of freebies and giveaways for new members as you get into the swing of things.

Apart from the simple game of bingo, there are others too. These are a few examples of games such as slots and roulette, which provide you with a few options to choose from. So, look on the web and it shouldn’t be long until you find a site that offers classic titles such as classic titles such as Starburst, Super Fruits and Diamond Deal among others. These have an attractive UI, and can make the experience fun and interactive.

3. Mystery shop

Getting paid to eat out at a restaurant or shop at a high street retailer may sound too good to be true. The demand for exceptional customer service and consistent performance means that mystery shoppers regularly audit individual stores. Several brand-auditing services like Retail Active and GFK are constantly recruiting new shoppers for their clients, which range from Pret a Manger to Jimmy Choo.

4. Blog

Starting your own website may seem daunting, but online platforms like Blogspot and WordPress make starting a website or blog easy, intuitive, and hassle-free. Since they are used by so many websites, they have online communities of bloggers that support each other, give each other feedback and exchange links.

Once you’ve joined the community, started the website and are updating it regularly, it’s just a matter of time before you’ll be contacted by advertisers wanting banner space on your site. For a head start, you can use Google’s AdSense to make money from ads – just remember that this way means you have to share the money with Google.

5. Modelling

If you’re a fairly attractive, and well build person, you could avail yourself a lucrative deal by posting good photos of yourself online. But consider tagging clothing brands in your posts, as that could greatly help you to gain some recognition. And even if you do not meet the criteria, you could still turn to more niche forms of modelling, like hand or foot modelling. In fact, you’d be surprised to know that there are sites that dedicate pages to the sale of foot pictures. You could take advantage of this weird way to make money, or simply stick to the basics and gain recognition through posts on social media that could land you a modelling contract.

6. Start a YouTube Channel

Justine Ezarik – known on YouTube as iJustine – is a “lifecaster” whose channels consist of everyday moments of her life, from receiving her iPhone bill to walking down the street. She has millions of followers and a cult following, and is one of YouTube’s most popular success stories.

Pick a theme, start a channel, update regularly and see where it goes. As long as you are a YouTube partner – which allows the site to display ads on your videos – you will make money from every view. And who knows? Your videos may even go viral.

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