Five Reasons Why You Should Fix Up an Old Banger

In today’s unpredictable economy, it’s a wonder why so many people are still racing out to buy new cars. Some people do this to “keep up with the Joneses”, while others do it as an excuse to avoid any costly repairs. But even if your old beloved Fiat radiator is on the fritz, there are a number of reasons why you should fix up your older car rather run out for the next, “best” thing. Here are our top five reasons why:

You’ll Save Money

Yes, we’ve all heard that the excuse that the repair is worth more than the car – so really, shouldn’t you just use that repair money for a down payment on a new vehicle? Our answer: no. Depending on the make and model of your car, repairing something like car radiators may cost you a few hundred pounds, at most. There are specialist companies that sell all types of car radiators, such as Advanced Radiators. Transmission and other repairs cost more, of course, but consider the fact that you likely haven’t made a car payment towards your old banger in quite some time. Every month you’re saving at least a hundred pounds, if not more, in car payments. In as little as 10 years you can easily save well over twenty thousand pounds by sticking with your older vehicle.

You’ll Make Money

Classic cars, if well maintained, can be sold for a pretty decent amount of money. By taking proper care of your old vehicle and keeping up to dates on regular maintenance and making sure than any Classic Car Repair work that needs doing is done to the highest standard, you’re actually turning your car into more than just a mode of transportation – you’re turning it into an investment.

You’ll Save Its Sentimental Value

We become attached to our cars, almost as if they’re an extension of ourselves. By keeping your car on the road, you can continue to drive a car that you’re proud of and that you care for. Any detail of the car, such as torn seats, ripped or stained carpeting or sagging headliners can all be easily replaced and tailored to match the original appearance of the car.

You’ll Be More Comfortable

Have a rogue spring shooting through the upholstery of your back seat? Well, if you fix up your car, you’ll be more comfortable. Seats can easily be replaced or repaired without you having to break the bank so that they’re supportive enough to sit in during long road trips. If you’re worried about the sweltering heat in the summer or frigid temperatures in the winter, your heater or air conditioning can also be fixed for significantly less than a down payment for a new vehicle. Doing these simple repairs may set you back initially, but you’ll be saving a bundle in the long run. Even some of the more major repairs that involve the hunt for Woodward Solenoids or John Deere Engine parts can be worth it and done at a lesser cost than buying a new car. Besides, they don’t make them like they used to, anymore! So make the best use of your once slick companion while you can.

You’ll Be Unique

Car makes and models don’t change nearly as frequently as they used to. By keeping with your older vehicle and not switching to a newer car, you’ll be holding on to something that’s unique, and that likely better reflects your personality than a Prius.

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