Fire Safety Tips for your Business

According to a report in the US by the National Fire Prevention Association, approximately 100,000 fires occur on average in the US every single year, causing several billions of dollars worth of damage to homes and businesses alike.

Fire prevention is not simply a case of purchasing a water bucket or a couple smoke alarms, although that will help!

The NFPA recommend that in addition to taking precautions to prevent fire, business owners should also have a meticulously-rehearsed plan of action in the unfortunate event of a fire.

To guard against serious injury, death and loss of business, it would be in your best interest to utilise the following guidelines:

1. Draw up a diagram of the layout of your building, and be sure that the emergency evacuation diagrams are posted in clear view of everyone on each floor

2. Make everyone aware of all of the fire exits – at the very least, everyone should know two ways to exit the building from their office.

3. Supply the appropriate training – in the US, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration requires employers to make sure that their employees are trained and know exactly what do in the event of a fire, including which fire extinguisher should be used in which situation.

4. Have a clearly defined plan of action in place and ensure that both you and your staff are well versed in the plan. Perform regular fire drills (at least once a year), so that everyone involved is aware of the proper procedures. Designate a safe meeting area to make it easy for every individual employee to be identified and accounted for.

5. As well as ensuring that you have the most effective fire sealant on hand in case of an emergency, you should also make sure that you carry out regular inspections of fire extinguishers, fire and smoke alarms, and blankets – all extinguishing equipment should be serviced by a trained expert in line with the manufacturers’ recommendations. Buy replacement fire extinguishersif necessary. Check fire exits on a daily basis and clear any obstructions from doorways and pathways to aid the safe evacuation of all staff.

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