Fast Loans Without Guarantees

Many people or entrepreneurs need fast loans for their investments or their needs on an ongoing basis. The best financial options for enterprises SMEs, are generally associated with of medium-term bank loans with collateral or mortgage.

Many of the companies that offer these credits 24 hours are backed by large banks. What they offer are small loans, to 6000€, in a short period of time with a high rate of interest. Usually small studies do to see if the operation is feasible or not. Basically looks the plaintiffs of money have steady work. Time to repay the loan can be extended to 4 or 5 years.

Normally these appropriations are used for the procurement of goods of consumption or to pay off some debt. It should be very clear the conditions on which these operations, not only its interest rates but also the interests of delay are governed.

However, in countries such as Argentina, the credit of this type is not easy access by SMEs or the individuals who would like to apply. Many times we are tempted to look for credits or loans without warranty in order to access money quickly.

The unsecured loans offer a way of getting quick money without having to put at the disposal of the Bank or financial institution an asset such as a house or a car that they grant us. However, like other options than more accessible seem, you should be careful with the conditions and characteristics, implied in many cases that have these credits or loans.

Firstly, the person or SME must have very clear that you can not access other financing options to cover their investments or expenses, if the payload in the granting of credit or loans is something crucial for the applicant.

Secondly, don’t be fooled, the interest rates on these loans are often duplicated to those prevailing for operations of loans guaranteed by mortgages or garments. The foundation of these interest rates lies in that the Bank or financial institution ensures a return of the amount corresponding to the much faster loan capital and reduces the amount potential loan losses.

Thirdly, these loans as well as have interest rates much higher than the guaranteed options, tend to be variable interest rate. In this case, it is of fundamental importance that we understand well in financial and macroeconomic context which we find ourselves. If reference interest rates increase 2 percentage points, is expected to in this type of loan interest rate rise about 5 percentage points, which would make it impossible to return the capital more interests them agreed in the contract of loan.

In fourth place, and is very important in the case of financing investments, the term of the loan or credit usually quick term, less than 2 years, much lower than the deadlines of a loan with mortgage guarantee or collateral.

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