Enjoying Le Good Life at No Cost

Well the truth is that nothing which is said to be free really is completely free. It may be available at no cost to the recipient, but somewhere, somehow, somebody has to pay for it. So yes, there is such as thing as a free lunch, but the diner who does indeed benefit from that free lunch usually doesn’t really need to be eating for free (they can afford to feed themselves as much as they need to) or they enjoy that free lunch as a result of perhaps having dined at a specific restaurant for so long that the money which was made from them essentially covers what is resold to them as a “free lunch.”

So in essence, going beyond the free lunch metaphor but thinking about free stuff with that example in mind could have you in for a lifetime of benefits which you can enjoy without having to pay for them directly, or you can enjoy these benefits at vastly reduced costs to what they really cost in the market. La dolce vita — “the sweet life” or the good life is a prime candidate for something which can be enjoyed at no cost, or for next to nothing, if only for a little while or just periodically as a welcome and refreshing alternative to your regular life.

The Junk-mail Email Address

The ability to periodically benefit out of the many so-called free lunches available all over the show is somewhat of an art. There are people who have dedicated their entire lives to making a life out of in a sense living for free, or rather living as freely or as cheaply as they possibly can, while still enjoying the finer things in life. It entails adopting the junk-mail email address mentality, which is a concept that developed out of the physical act of creating a free email address with one of the free email service providers and then using that email address exclusively to sign up to special offers, competitions, special promo mailing lists and well, all that “junk.”

A lot of what you will be getting by way of the correspondence through this junk-mail email address will indeed be junk, but every so often you genuinely get something you can truly make good use of. In the physical world, this mentality could have you enjoying a lot more of the good life than what your bank balance suggests you can afford.

Let’s face it, a lot of what the good life has to offer is associated with the casino and nightlife environment and that’s perhaps a good starting point. Sign up to all the special offers and loyalty rewards programmes your favourite casino offers and in addition to all the loyalty points which can be converted to redeemable delights you’ll get, this will train you to adopt this mentality across the board in your life. It is the seasoned gambler for instance who periodically checks their PPI claims eligibility in order to perhaps see if they won’t be in line for a mini-windfall which can be used in conjunction with all the rewards they get from their favourite casino to ultimately enjoy the good life at no cost, or at very little cost over what they’d usually spend in any case.

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