Dualit 26285 2-Slice Toaster with Warming Rack Review

Dualit toaster options have grown, and there are so many fantastic toasters to choose that you may find the decision daunting. However, the Dualit 26285 2 slice toaster is excellent, and will ensure that you can start the day with perfect toast. Not only will your toast be perfect, but this stylish toaster will enhance your kitchen.

There are so many incredible features included with this Dualit toaster that you will find it an amazing addition to have in your kitchen. Alongside the quirky features, stylish finish and excellent toasting abilities, you will also receive a complimentary warming rack. This is ideal for croissants and bagels that need warming through.

If you are one of the many people that have to peek at their toast as it is cooking, you will love the peek and pop feature, which allows you to raise the slice of bread, without interrupting the process of toasting.  The wider than average slots are perfect for thicker bread, and will ensure that you can toast a number of different varieties.

You may also want to enjoy the bun feature, which allows you to toast one side of the bread and warm through the other side. This option is perfect for those people that want their buns warm and perfect every time. The stylish metallic black finish will guarantee that your toaster looks fantastic in its new surroundings.

There is also an excellent defrost option for those times, when you have forgotten to get the bread from the freezer. For those people that forget about their toast, or attempt to put too bigger objects in the toaster, the cancel button is perfect. The mechanism on the toaster is excellent for small pieces of bread, and will ensure that nothing gets trapped.

You can easily clean every element of the toaster, and the concealed crumb tray will ensure that debris does not collect on your surface. Keeping toast crumbs off the side will no longer be a chore, as you can clean easily. Every aspect of the Dualit 26285 2 slice toaster is designed for easy living, and you will love the ease in which you can now toast your bread.

Regardless of what you want for breakfast, there are several different ways for you to cook the item and ensure that they are ready on time. Breakfast time in your house will no longer be a time consuming event, and the stylish toaster will become part of your routine. You can purchase matching items to ensure that your kitchen is enhanced further.

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