Don’t Deny Yourself Every Pleasure When Saving

Saving money doesn’t always equal having much fun in life, as many of the fun things we do actually are pretty expensive. So if you’re on a big economising drive, it’s the fun things that you have to say goodbye to first.

But you can’t cut out all pleasures in life, otherwise life on a budget can be very, very dull. So think about what money you have available for leisure activities and use it in different ways. For instance, instead of going out for dinner, choose a special recipe to cook at home and buy all the fresh ingredients and cook it for yourself. You’ll probably end up with a higher quality meal than you’d get eating out anyway and you’ll definitely have more money left in your wallet.

With the money that you save on one ‘entertainment’ activity, you can spend it on something to divert you on another night staying in. Take a look at the amazing choice of games available at where you can play casino games and bingo at any time of the day or night. You don’t have to put money down to play either. In fact, many of the games are available in practice mode, where you have virtual money to bet with, so you can take whatever gambles you feel like with no risk at all. Of course, the drawback with playing games in practice mode is that any wins will be virtual too, but at least you get the fun and diversion while you’re playing.

If you want to play the games for real, make sure to get the most out of casino bonuses so that any money that you put into playing online casino games works its hardest for you. All the sites offer some great welcome bonuses. On 32Red you can get £32 to play without even putting down a deposit – the no-deposit bonus is valid for seven days and can be used on any of the games on the site. So, you get the chance to play for free, but anything you win will be added to your account. You never know, you might start a bankroll without having to put any of your own money down.

Most people do make a small deposit of their own when they sign up to a casino site, as you can at least double your stake with most of the sites. Some will give you better than 100% match bonus – at 32 Red you’ll get £32 for every £10 you put down on your first deposit, up to a maximum of £160.

As long as you can be disciplined and not spend any more than you have budgeted to, it’s worth taking advantage of these kinds of bonus offers while they’re there to be had. And keeping open a few avenues of fun in life will help you along when you’re doing your best to save money as a whole.

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