Do You Give Gifts to Your Clients?

The competitive world of business makes it hard to stand out in the crowd. Corporate gifting will help you to distinguish your business from others and make a vital impression on the people who matter most.

The right gift will make a lasting impression and ensure that your company becomes more than just a name on a business card. A corporate gift stands out more than a business card or a hastily written email address. Used in a strategic manner, corporate gifts can increase your business exposure, improve your business image, and remind your clients of the value you provide. So do you give gifts to your clients? Here are some reasons why you must.

The element of surprise

Everyone loves to receive gifts. A gift to your client will tap into a primal sense of surprise and wonder and will exceed of client’s expectation of your products or services. Furthermore, personalizing or customizing the gift (check out for the client could make them feel even more special, as it would show the exclusivity and attention to detail from your end. Give your client the element of surprise with an unexpected gift as a way of saying thanks for purchasing or in celebration of your company’s anniversary or festive holiday.

Show appreciation

A corporate gift is a good way to show your appreciation to a client who has awarded you a valuable contract. You should take note of all the people involved in the process and pick an appropriate gift to express your sincere gratitude.

Strengthening existing ties

Your competitors will not stop knocking on your clients’ doors. Simple gifts such as promotional mugs, pens, business card holders, and mouse pads all help to keep your name at the top of their minds. It’s one way to thank your clients for sticking with you through thick and thin and to remind them of your existing partnership.

Gift giving the right way

A lot of thought must go into corporate gifting if you want it to work the way you planned. Following are some recommendations that will point you in the right direction.

Research is essential

You must conduct some research before you send out a gift to a client. Find out what the client likes and if gift-giving is allowed in the first place. Promotional gifts should be of the finest quality and should be personalized to meet the individual’s taste – especially if you’re hoping to make an impression.

Check your timing

Anytime is a good time for promotional gifts, but don’t forget to send something unique for holidays, anniversaries, or birthdays. Gifts on these memorable occasions will delight your clients and ensure that they keep sending more business your way. You could search for personalized anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, or holiday specials, which could add a personal touch to what you are gifting them.

Spice it up

Your message and medium for transmitting that message are both important when it comes to giving gifts to your clients. Instead of using a one size fits all approach to gifting, consider the type of gift that will be most appropriate for individual clients. For instance, water bottles, key chains, and sports bags may be appropriate for an on-the-go client while pens, desk pads, and office-type items may be suitable for corporate types.

There’s no time like the present to start gift-giving, but make sure that you do your research, so your gift makes the right statement.

Duncan Johnston is a business branding consultant. He enjoys passing on his ideas and insights through blogging.

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